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GROWERTALKS - January 2023 Issue (Vol. 86 No. 9)
Acres & Acres
Back in Time
Chris Beytes
Here’s what the editors have given you to chew on in the January issues from 10 to 80 years ago.
Cover Story
Navigating Through Substrate Shortages
Dr. Brian E. Jackson
As the horticulture industry navigates the post-pandemic world, it’s worth reflecting on some of the lessons, trials and innovations that growers and substrate manufacturers implemented in order to succeed during immense growing media supply challenges.
Culture Notes
Pansy Transplant Establishment
Dr. Jamie Gibson
One major source of pansy crop failure is the improper treatment of plugs upon transplant into the finishing tray.
Conventional or Custom?
Mason Day
Choosing which fertilizer regime works for your operation.
Learning Curves & Data Curves
Bill Calkins
Managing vapor pressure deficit to optimize young plant production isn’t new to horticulture—in fact, it’s a measurement. But understanding how and when to adjust it for specific crops at specific stages can be quite confusing.
Resources to Share
Katie Elzer-Peters
Three ways growers can help IGCs thrive.
West Coast Reasons
Jennifer Zurko
Our handy California Spring Trials guide on who’s gonna be there, where and when.
Growers Talk Business
How Much Are You Losing to Waste?
Stan Vander Waal
Waste is much higher than most of us believe, making it the single greatest opportunity to increase profitability.
Growers Talk Production
Experience Is an Asset
Stephanie Saccomano
Honestly, if you’re driven and a genuine human being, there’s likely going to be a spot for you here.
GT in Brief
AdeptAg Acquires Bellpark
Chris Beytes
Bellpark Horticulture represents numerous leading greenhouse automation manufacturers, such as Visser Horti Systems, Logitec Plus, Mayer, DryGair, Unifortes and KG Systems.
GT in Brief
Applications Now Open for AFE Graduate Scholarships
Jennifer Zurko
Applications for the Altman Family Scholarship and the Paul Ecke, Jr. Scholarship from the American Floral Endow-ment (AFE) are now being accepted.
GT in Brief
Avelyo Fungicide Registered in California
JC Chong
Greenhouse and nursery growers in California can add Avelyo fungicide to their disease management program.
GT in Brief
Direct Dianthus
Jennifer Zurko
This year, there’s something a bit different about these dianthus. The varieties are the same, but how they came to Mast has changed.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
American Floral Endowment; Ball Seed; Eason Horticultural Resources; Everde Growers; Jiffy; McHutchison/Vaughn's Horticulture; Monrovia; Mycorrhizal Applications; Oasis Grower Solutions; PanAmerican Seed; Sakata Seed America
GT in Brief
Profile Makes Another Media Acquisition
Chris Beytes
Not content to supply just HydraFiber and coco coir (per their previous acquisition announcement a couple of weeks ago), Profile Products is now in the bonded media space with the acquisition of Quick Plug from Dümmen Orange.
GT in Brief
Save the Date: Costa Farms Trial Garden Event
Jennifer Zurko
Costa Farms is opening its trial garden to brokers, growers, garden centers and other industry members for an opportunity to preview 2023 genetics.
GT in Brief
Six New AAS Winners
Jennifer Zurko
All-America Selections (AAS) has an additional six new AAS Winners available for the 2023 garden season.
Guest Column
Tell It Like It Is
Glenna Hecht
When you understand the situation, history and facts, you gain context and can make a sure-footed decision.
Guest Column
The Splitting of Impatiens
Lowell Halvorson
When analyzing impatiens sales these days, we can see that the category has split into two distinct segments, each with its own sweet spot and market focus.
Inside Look
Redefining the New Normal
Jennifer Zurko
Some of what started out as a “new normal” has become “business as usual.”
JZ on D.C.
How Are 2023 H-2A Wage Rates Looking?
Jennifer Zurko
USDA has published the 2022 Farm Labor Survey, from which the H-2A adverse effect wage rates (AEWRs) will be set upon publication in December in the Federal Register. Wages are headed up about 7% (national average).
Pest Management
What Are Proinsecticides?
Raymond A. Cloyd
Greenhouse producers should be aware of these types of pesticides to better understand their activity on insect and mite pests.
Under an Acre
The Transformative Power of Houseplants
Anne-Marie Hardie
In West Bloomfield, Michigan, the Pliska family has transformed homes and businesses into stunning indoor living spaces for the past five decades.
RAYN Growing Systems
Leprechaun Arborvitae
Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas
MyCotrol WPO
Certis Biologicals
Princettia Red
Vivero North America Corp.
Shade Tag Collection
THRIVE & Flourish
Ball Landscape