November 2019 Issue
Vol. 83 No. 7
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Congrats to the 2019 GrowerTalks/Nexus Young Grower Award Winner, John Terhesh from Willoway Nurseries, Inc., Avon, Ohio!

Do you know of an excellent, hard-working professional under the age of 35? You should nominate them for the 2020 GrowerTalks/Nexus Young Grower Award! For the last 16 years, we’ve recognized young horticulturists for standing out from the crowd in this tough business, who—for whatever noble reasons—have chosen to have a career in this industry.

After three finalists are chosen, each is asked to write guest editorials for the June issue of GrowerTalks, gets a free trip to Cultivate’20 and, while they’re in Columbus, attend a special dinner with Anna Ball and other industry luminaries. The winner is announced at the Unplugged event during Cultivate’20, will be the subject of our September issue cover story and serve as one of our judges for next year’s award.

An extra special thanks goes to Nexus and AmericanHort for sponsoring this year’s award!

Ball Seed Customer Day 2019
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Being Flexible & Fluid
Luís Muñoz
Specific growing programs will maximize your resources while also getting the most out of your crop.
Botrytis on Geranium Cuttings: What the Latest Research Shows
Julie Martens Forney
Do cuttings in boxes have to be a recipe for Botrytis? The answer is no—IF they complete their travels in two days. But if shipping time grows, anything can happen. Learn the latest on how to avoid Botrytis when shipping cuttings, courtesy of American Floral Endowment-funded research.
Duh! It’s All About the Water
Jennifer Zurko
Dr. Will Healy tells us how irrigation management is the cause of—and the solution to—all of your growing issues.
Getting the Best Out of Bios
Troy Buechel
Increasing organic-grown crop health with biological organisms.
Moving from Flowers to Food
Tami Van Gaal
Helping new lettuce and herb growers find success.
Show & Tell
Bill Calkins
Hosting an open house at your greenhouse engages your entire team to build customer loyalty and showcases the things you do best. The results will last for years and could very well show up on your bottom line.
Wood Substrates: Supplies, Sources & Sustainability
Dr. Brian E. Jackson
This is the first article in a five-part series high-lighting various aspects of the development, use, commercialization, current status and future projections of wood substrates in horticultural crop production. This first article will address some aspects of forest resources, tree harvesting and wood feedstock selection, competing markets for wood supplies and the future outlook of wood resources.