GROWERTALKS - June 2019 Issue (Vol. 83 No. 2)
Acres & Acres
I Hated Math, Too
Chris Beytes
Our cover story by Dr. Charlie Hall is proof that we should have paid more attention to math in school.
Cover Story
Pricing: Think Beyond the Loaded Truck
Dr. Charlie Hall
Don’t make the same pay-by-scan pricing mistakes again.
Advocacy Advantage
Jennifer Zurko
Being a member of AmericanHort doesn’t just include entry into the Cultivate show; this industry organization offers benefits that you may not even know about. We spoke to one member to learn how he values being a part of AmericanHort.
Cutting Sticker Update
Chris Beytes
They’re the hottest thing since the transplanter—and sometimes they ARE the transplanter! They’re automated cutting sticking machines, and while there are only two manufacturers currently offering them, they’re evolving as fast as we can write about them. Here’s the very latest on the technology.
Effective Control of Piercing-Sucking Pests
Dr. Aaron Palmateer
Growers need solutions that manage troublesome insect pests with minimum impact on beneficial arthropods, as well as pollinators.
How to Find Them and Keep Them
Jennifer Zurko
This year’s GrowerTalks/Nexus Young Grower Award finalists give us their take on attracting the next generation of hort professionals and how to keep them.
Marketing Containerized Herbs
Christopher J. Currey
You’ve grown your herbs—now it’s time to sell them. The last article in this series ends with tips on how to market them.
Putting the Plants First
Michael Heaven & Alex Fermon
Plant-centric controls for plant growth optimization.
The Economics of Lighting Young Plants Indoors
Paul R. Fisher, Celina Gómez, Megh Poudel & Erik Runkle
Indoor growing of transplants can achieve a high level of growth and quality control, as clearly shown by the research presented in this five-part article series. The key question for commercialization is: Does it pay?
Whatever Happened to Retractable-Roof Greenhouses?
Chris Beytes
What killed the retractable-roof greenhouse? Two things.
Growers Talk Business
Who’s “Braking” Your Business?
Amy Morris
What do we do when the government mandates a new policy on trucking and doesn’t see the effect it has on our bottom line?
Growers Talk Production
Biocontrol Anecdotes: Aphidoletes
Albert Grimm
A story about what’s required to understand the concept of managing bugs with bugs.
Growing With Griffin
Make More Green with Ornamental Grasses
Beth Engle
There’s still time to produce and use ornamental grasses for your late summer and fall programs.
Growing With Griffin
Terra Nova Nurseries and Danziger Announce North American Licensing Agreement
Jennifer Zurko
Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. and Danziger jointly announced they’ve signed a licensing agreement, granting Danziger rights to produce and sell cuttings from Terra Nova Nurseries’ elite stock.
GT in Brief
Beacon Impatiens Has a Website
Jennifer Zurko
PanAmerican Seed has launched a new website devoted specifically to its new Beacon Impatiens.
GT in Brief
Bonnie’s Stan Cope to Retire
Chris Beytes
President and CEO of Bonnie Plants for more than 10 years, Stan Cope stepped down from the president role April 1 and will back away from his CEO position at the end of the year.
GT in Brief
Marvin Crunches the Census of Ag
Chris Beytes
The U.S. Department of Agriculture finally released the 2017 Census of Agriculture, the result of a mandatory survey conducted every five years in all 50 states for all agricultural producers.
GT in Brief
NGMA Hopes to Block Proposed Greenhouse Energy Regulations
Chris Beytes
The National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA) is watching for possible building code changes that could negatively impact greenhouses and fighting on your behalf.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Dosatron; Dümmen Orange; Jiffy; W. Atlee Burpee
GT in Brief
Register for the AIB Symposium
Jennifer Zurko
Registration is open for the 2019 America in Bloom Symposium & Awards Celebration, which will be held October 3-5 in St. Charles, Illinois.
GT in Brief
Testing a Retailer’s Sanity
Chris Beytes
Platt Hill Nursery in Carpentersville, Illinois, lying quietly under a fresh blanket of snow, makes a picture-postcard winter scene … except this photo was taken on Sunday, April 28.
Inside Look
Math Evasion
Jennifer Zurko
If I had to run a business, I’d have to hire someone to handle the books. And it’s because I’m horrible at math.
JZ on D.C.
Update on Additional H-2B Visas
Jennifer Zurko
On March 29, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it planned to release an additional 30,000 H-2B visas.
Paul Talks Perennials
Act Quickly … Your Crops Are Depending on It
Paul Pilon
Failure to act can often lead to a reduction in plant quality or even worse—crop losses.
Pest Management
Making Mass Trapping Work for You
Dr. Sarah Jandricic
More than just predatory mites are needed to keep your thrips biocontrol program consistent and stable, and one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your program is with mass trapping.
Under an Acre
Embracing the Local Floral Movement
Anne-Marie Hardie
Cut flowers were already a part of their homestead farm, but they were grown primarily so that they could have some nice pollinators on the property and add some fresh flowers to their kitchen table. Now, Village General Farms was looking at how they could transform these flowers into an income.
Young Voices
Industry Flower Festival: CAST ’19
Lauren Kirchner
As performances go, there were plenty of great crescendos, a few lullabies and some straight-up lip synching that altogether kept us charmingly invigorated.
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