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GROWERTALKS - November 2021 Issue (Vol. 85 No. 7)
Acres & Acres
The Four Bs
Chris Beytes
The four Bs applies to all crop segments … and, really, to all businesses.
Corr on Cannabis
Checking Out the Elephant
Dr. Brian Corr
Many people are groping around blindly to compare the cannabis industry to things they know. To some, the cannabis industry is like traditional horticulture.
Cover Story
Growers Talk About Their Cutting Robots
Chris Beytes
Two unrooted cutting (URC) robots—the ISO Group ISO Cutting Planter and Visser’s AutoStix— have been on the market in North America for six and five years, respectively, giving growers ample time to put them through their paces and evaluate their worth. We asked seven such growers, each of whom have up to half a decade or more of experience with one or both machines, to share their opinions of the two machines.
Culture Notes
A Sensational! Lavender for Your Lineup
Maria Zampini
Sensational! Lavender provides uniform, consistent propagation, is programmable and is grower-friendly, making it a go-to for both field growers and perennial producers.
Keep Good Seeds From Going Bad
Jerry Gorchels
Best practices for handling and storing seed.
Manufactured Blooms: Success With Cuttings
Bill Calkins
Implement a strict process for vegetative cuttings this year, beginning even before the boxes arrive on your dock.
Preventing Disease in Propagation
Rick Yates
The symptoms to keep an eye on and how to treat breakouts.
Rooting Cold-Intermediate and Cold-Sensitive Greenhouse Crops
Annika Kohler & Roberto Lopez
In part two of our two-part series, we further push the envelope by determining if cold-intermediate and cold-sensitive crops can be rooted under a cool air temperature with root-zone heating without sacrificing timing and plant quality for successful liner production.
The Importance of Soil Temperature
John Erwin & George Guenthner
The first in a two-part series, this article looks at the effects of growing media temperature on root growth and photosynthesis.
Tips for Better Young Plants
Troy Buechel
What to consider when producing young plants from the perspectives of fertilization, pH and water management.
Growers Talk Business
Getting Ready for Winter
Bill Swanekamp
Five things we’re using (and you can also use) to lower your energy costs.
Growers Talk Production
Another Season, Another Turn
Michael DeBerti
Turning our focus to a more controlled environment does require growers to make some adjustments to the nature and scope of their work.
GT in Brief
A “Choked” Bulb Supply
Jennifer Zurko
This past June, parts of the Netherlands saw record-breaking weather of 6 in. of rain within a matter of hours, flooding large areas of tulip bulb fields and leaving them sitting in water for days as growers frantically tried to pump the water into the canals.
GT in Brief
All-America Selections Honors Barry Ruta
Jennifer Zurko
All-America Selections recently honored a well-respected industry icon during the 2021 AAS Virtual Summer Summit and Judge’s Meeting.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort Announces New Team Members
Chris Beytes
AmericanHort announced that Cindy Lee and Bill Behrens have joined the association team to take the lead on managing Cultivate, AmericanHort’s signature industry event.
GT in Brief
Confetti for a Good Cause
Chris Beytes
Dümmen Orange will honor the memory of the late long-time broker representative Matt Willoughby (who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year) by offering a special calibrachoa combination specifically chosen by his wife, Jennifer, and their three children.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Billy Powell
Chris Beytes
Billy Powell, founder of Powell Plant Farm of Troup, Texas, died September 8 at his home in New Summerfield.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Gary Miller of Milgro Nursery
Chris Beytes
Gary Fred Miller, founder of Milgro Nursery, passed away peacefully in his sleep September 3 at home surrounded by his wife, Farrelyn, and his eight children.
GT in Brief
MANTS Registration Now Open
Jennifer Zurko
Registration is now open for the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show held at the Baltimore Convention Center January 5-7, 2022.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball Seed; BioWorks, Inc.; Eason Horticultural Services; Hoffman Nursery; Oasis Grower Solutions
GT in Brief
Suntory Flowers Names GM for North America
Chris Beytes
Suntory Flowers has named T. Jay Higgins general manager for North America.
Inside Look
The Magic of Propagation
Jennifer Zurko
If you had magical powers, wouldn’t it be great if you could just wave a wand over the greenhouse and everything was grown and finished to perfection?
JZ on D.C.
Highlights From Impact Washington 2021
Jennifer Zurko
When AmericanHort started planning for its biennial advocacy event a few months ago, the hope was that COVID would be in the rearview mirror. Fast-forward through the summer and the Delta variant could have upended the Impact Washington Summit.
Pest Management
Botrytis Season Doesn’t End When the Poinsettias Ship
A.R. Chase & Aaron J. Palmateer
Now is the time to consider doing more to prevent Botrytis blight.
Pest Management
New Pesticides for Use in Greenhouse Production Systems
Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
Descriptions of the new pesticides that are registered for use in greenhouses.
Autonomous Tugs
AgriNomix LLC
High-Pressure Tray Washers
Pack Manufacturing Company
Rift Blue and Rift Purple Lobelia
Jolly Farmer
Solar-Powered Ventilation Solutions
Advancing Alternatives
Stadium Line of Horticultural Containers
East Jordan Plastics Inc.
WebTrack Enhancements
Ball Seed