GROWERTALKS - February 2019 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 10)
Acres & Acres
Chris Beytes
What makes someone a true “operator” vs. just an owner?
Cover Story
Must-Have Meters
Jennifer Zurko
Regardless of the size and technological level of your operation, these handy—and most times, inexpensive—greenhouse tools can be life-savers.
A Good Partnership
Dr. Brian E. Jackson & Turner Smith
How substrates amended with wood affect the use of PGRs.
Injector Tune-Up Time
Lela Kelly
Some simple steps that will ensure your injectors will be accurate and function properly this coming spring.
Lighting Young Plants Indoors
Erik Runkle, Yujin Park, Mengzi Zhang & Paul Fisher
Part one of a five-part series is an introduction to producing young plants indoors in fully controlled environments from a collaboration between Michigan State University, the American Floral Endowment and the University of Florida.
Managing Temperature in Herbs
Christopher J. Currey
The fourth article in the series highlights how temperature affects herb production.
Sweet Science
Sylvia Schaap
How using a Brix Refractometer can help you gauge the health of your crop.
The Roads That Lead to Salty Water
Rosa E. Raudales & Ryan Dickson
The third of a four-part article series on grower case studies looks at an operation dealing with high sodium and chloride in their water source.
Growers Talk Business
To H-2A or Not to H-2A? That’s the Question?
Amy Morris
A few years ago, we had 90 seasonal positions to fill. In a 10-week period, we hired 432 people to fill the 90 positions. When we switched to H-2A, we were able to take the 90 positions and replace them with 60 H-2A guest workers.
Growers Talk Production
Biological Control—Reinventing Pests
Albert Grimm
It’s important to understand that we must shift our pest control paradigm from target-and-destroy to balance-and-exclude if we want to be successful with biological control.
Growing With Griffin
Blinded by the Blight
Joanne Lutz
What to do when your foliar disease is actually a soil-borne pathogen.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort HortScholars Program Now Accepting Applications
Jennifer Zurko
The 2019 AmericanHort HortScholars program is now accepting applications through March 1, 2019 from enthusiastic students in horticulture-related degree programs of any degree level.
GT in Brief
Bayer Facility Wins Community Award
Chris Beytes
The Research and Educational facility of Bayer Environmental Science has been recognized by Clayton, North Carolina, for achieving “exceptional success through service to their customers and the community.”
GT in Brief
Memorializing a Scientist-Poet
Chris Beytes
The recently inaugurated Francis Kwong Center at PanAmerican Seed’s Linda Vista Farm 2 in Costa Rica commemorates the company’s former Director of Production Research, who passed away from colon cancer in July of 2017 at the age of 65.
GT in Brief
New SNA Scholarship Announced
Jennifer Zurko
The Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Fund, created in 1989 by the Southern Nursery Association (SNA), is announcing a new named scholarship to honor Dr. Bryson L. James.
GT in Brief
On the Move
Jennifer Zurko
Bartlett Instrument; Bayer; Eason Horticultural Resources; Fall Creek Nursery, Inc.; McHutchison Corporation; Mycorrhizal Applications; Suntory Flowers; Westhoff/PAC Elsner
GT in Brief
Three December Passings
Chris Beytes
David Austin Sr.; Melvin "Mel" Schwanke; Nola Wagner
GT in Brief
United Nations Declares 2020 International Year of Plant Health
Jennifer Zurko
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue commended the United Nations’ decision to designate 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health.
Inside Look
Solutions Up to Scratch
Jennifer Zurko
Have you ever been confronted with a repetitive problem and you just want a simple solution to help you stop the maddening pattern?
JZ on D.C.
JZ on D.C.
Jennifer Zurko
Legal Challenge Tops H-2A News
Paul Talks Perennials
Water Wise
Paul Pilon
One thing I've observed over the years is that most growers take water for granted and don't have any concerns until they experience a shortage for themselves.
Pest Management
Start Clean by Dipping Unrooted Cuttings
Rose Buitenhuis & Ashley Summerfield
Dipping unrooted cuttings into an oil, soap or biopesticide significantly reduces the risk of pests hitching a ride onto planting stock.
Under an Acre
Returning to Her Farming Roots
Anne-Marie Hardie
Liz Graznak, founder of Happy Hollow Farm in Jamestown, Missouri, grew up gardening with her grandmother.
Young Voices
Our Time in America
Caroline Do Nascimento & Thalia Perez Albela
Having had the opportunity to work in a new country, share with people from different nationalities, cultures and ways of thinking while sharing the common interest of agriculture has proved to be invaluable.
Ball FloraPlant
Fuchsia Fuchsita Series
Imara XDR
LM-19 Germination Mix
Lambert Peat Moss
Pacific Coprosma Series
Tesselaar Plants
Sapphire Indigo Cleminov51
Donahue’s Clematis Specialists