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GROWERTALKS - July 2023 Issue (Vol. 87 No. 3)
Acres & Acres
Pandemic Not Required
Chris Beytes
We don’t have to suffer through a pandemic to have record sales.
Cover Story
Could H-2A Be Your Labor Savior?
Jennifer Zurko
It’s far from a perfect solution, but more and more greenhouse growers have turned to the H-2A visa program to secure the help they need now that the workforce well has essentially run dry. For those thinking of applying for H-2A workers, there are a few things to consider and some homework to do.
Next Year’s New Stuff
Chris Beytes, Bill Calkins & Jennifer Zurko
Part 1 of our yearly three-part coverage of the California Spring Trials gives you all the highlights in annuals for 2024.
Re-thinking Your Growing Media
Jeb S. Fields & Kristopher S. Criscione
Reducing peat through substrate stratification.
The Benefits of Horticulture Testing
Joann Peery
Is it a growing media issue or not?
Growers Talk Business
Defining True Innovation
Terri McEnaney
Innovation can be so much more than an ethos or a driving force in an organization. Without it, we become stagnant, and with it, we unlock endless opportunities.
Growers Talk Production
Keeping a History
Michael DeBerti
Keeping notes can help make the next season a bit easier and more successful. Whatever you call it, it’s about how you want to keep track of your data.
GT in Brief
75 Years of Unique Plants
Chris Beytes
???Happy 75th anniversary to the folks at Ted’s Greenhouse in Tinley Park, Illinois, in Chicago’s south suburbs, a retail-grower well-known by Chicagoland’s retailers, landscapers and gardeners for the interesting, oddball and unusual.
GT in Brief
Biobest to Acquire BioWorks
Chris Beytes
Belgium-based Biobest Group, the well-known global expert in biological control and pollination, has signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire BioWorks, Inc., a Victor, New York-based manufacturer and marketer of biopesticides, including RootShield, BotryStop and MilStop.
GT in Brief
Congrats to DOCTOR Daughtrey!
Chris Beytes
We can now call her Dr. Margery Daughtrey without her having to sheepishly correct us because the plant industry’s beloved and long-running plant pathologist has officially finished all requirements to receive a Ph.D. from Cornell University.
GT in Brief
Floriculture Is Up, With Foliage Up the Most
Dr. Marvin Miller
The U.S. Department of Agricul-ture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA/NASS) released its annual Floriculture Crops 2022 Summary the last week of May.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Kurt Dramm
Chris Beytes
Kurt William Dramm, second-generation of the famous greenhouse and irrigation equipment company, passed away in May. He was 84.
GT in Brief
OnThe Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball Horticultural Company; Ball Seed; Impello Biosciences
Guest Column
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Zonals
Lowell Halvorson
From the 1960s to now, zonal geraniums continue to capture the eyes and hearts of consumers.
Inside Look
The Good Ol’ Days
Jennifer Zurko
Remember when there was a time when you had stacks of job applications and enough labor to get through the spring season? Those days are over.
JZ on D.C.
Governor Larry Hogan Set as the Keynote for Impact Washington
Jennifer Zurko
Governor Hogan served two-terms after pulling an upset election in 2014 and becoming only the second Republican governor Maryland has ever had.
Pest Management
Ace Summer Mum Production With an Agronomic Plan
Nancy Rechcigl
As you begin planning for mums, help ensure the highest plant quality by preparing for expected and unexpected challenges with proper scouting techniques, cultural practices and an agronomic program.
Pest Management
Encarsia formosa: Biological Control Agent of the Greenhouse Whitefly
Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
E. formosa can be released into greenhouse production systems to manage greenhouse whitefly populations on ornamental and vegetable crops.
Pest Management
Turning the Tide on Thrips & Botrytis
Laura Barth
AFE unveils innovative new research.
Heat2O Hydronic Heat
Stuppy Greenhouse
Jiffy Pots
Jiffy Group
KETOS Water Monitoring
Lavender SuperBlue
Darwin Perennials
American Coolair
The Nursery Mix
Lambert Peat Moss