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GROWERTALKS - April 2023 Issue (Vol. 86 No. 12)
Acres & Acres
The Hidden Cost of Shrink
Chris Beytes
If you want to take conservative production planning to the next level and get really profitable, you need to get really obsessive about shrink.
Cover Story
Tech in the Greenhouse
Jennifer Zurko
The demands and needs of growers—in all sectors—has allowed the growing environment to evolve at a faster pace.
Culture Notes
Vegetative Dianthus Culture Tips
Gary Vollmer
Basic culture and scheduling of dianthus from an unrooted cutting through the finished product.
Consistent, Relentless Improvement
Bill Calkins
Receiving high-quality, pest- and disease-free young plants from offshore farms is one of the first links in the chain of success for greenhouse production. Here are some ways leading producers are stepping up the game and investing in major improvements—for your benefit.
Measuring the Efficacy of LEDs
Qingwu (William) Meng
Timing white versus red + far-red LEDs to control flowering.
Growers Talk Business
Your Plants Just Murdered the Metaverse
Art Parkerson
The people who were supposed to be having a blast exploring the brave new Metaverse got a plant instead.
Growers Talk Production
Caladium Capital Woes
Austin Bryant
Our old nemesis Mother Nature has dealt caladium farms in central Florida a hard blow this past year.
GT in Brief
Apply Now for Scholarships
Chris Beytes
School is expensive, which is why it’s nice that organizations like the Horticultural Research Institute and the Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Endowment Fund offer educational scholarships to worthy and eligible horticulture school candidates.
GT in Brief
Berger Celebrates 60 Years
Jennifer Zurko
This year, Berger, a Canadian-based growing media company, is celebrating 60 years in business.
GT in Brief
Costa Farms’ (Last …?) Season Premiere
Jennifer Zurko
This year, they say, was Season Premiere’s last hurrah.
GT in Brief
Farwest’s 50th Anniversary
Matthew Chappell
The biggest nursery industry trade show in the west, the Farwest Show, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this coming August.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Mandy Gerace
Chris Beytes
Mandy Gerace of Welby Gardens and Syngenta Flowers passed away suddenly on February 4. Mandy was just 46.
GT in Brief
New Online Tool Helps with Dianthus, Pot Carnation Selection
Chris Beytes
Selecta One North America has created a new web resource that helps you figure out the dianthus and pot carnations that are suited to your region and growing conditions.
GT in Brief
NJ Under SLF Quarantine
JC Chong
The New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) announced on February 1 that eight more counties were added to the state’s quarantine zone for spotted lanternfly (SLF).
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Fine Americas; Plant Development Services; Profile Products; Proven Winners
GT in Brief
Save the Date: AAS Summer Summit
Jennifer Zurko
The 2023 All-America Selections Summer Summit will be held September 5 to 8 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Guest Column
“I Can Buy Myself Flowers …”
Matthias Redlefsen
Flowers are still super emotional and make people happy.
Guest Column
The Echinacea Renaissance
Lowell Halvorson
Modern echinacea cultivars feel differently today than the popular varieties released even a decade ago.
Inside Look
When the Robots Come for Us
Jennifer Zurko
You know what I think is kinda scary right now? Artificial intelligence.
JZ on D.C.
H-2A Wage Rule Released
Jennifer Zurko
The Department of Labor (DOL) published a final rule on H-2A wages late February, changing the program’s wage-setting methodology, which could substantially affect required wages for job tasks routinely performed on greenhouse and nursery farms.
Paul's Pointers
From the Plant Factory to the Disease Factory
Paul Pilon
When you think about it, greenhouses are potentially better disease factories than plant factories.
Pest Management
Insect Growth Regulators
Raymond A. Cloyd & Nathan J. Herrick
How the different types and modes of action of insect growth regulators commercially available for use in greenhouse production systems manage populations of insect pests.
Pest Management
Put Mites in the Rearview Mirror
JC Chong
Selecting miticides for your operation.
Pest Management
Using Banker Plants to Control Mites
Lance S. Osborne, Muhammad Z. Ahmed & Cindy McKenzie
By protecting crops from pest infestations, the banker plant system reduces the need for pesticide applications.
Baptisia Prairieblues Solar Flare
Plants Nouveau
BT-530 Standalone Dehumidifier
BioTherm Solutions
Educator Greenhouse
GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures
Lindsay, EviGsy (PBR)
Donahues Clematis Specialists
SB Machinerie SB 06
Ball Seed
Senetti Pericallis Red Halo
Suntory Flowers