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GROWERTALKS - August 2022 Issue (Vol. 86 No. 4)
Acres & Acres
Remembering Andrew
Chris Beytes
Thirty years ago this month, Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida and wiped out Homestead’s horticulture industry.
Cover Story
On Deck
Dr. Matthew Chappell
New woody ornamentals for 2022-23.
Culture Notes
Expand Your Begonia Program
Merel Vlaar
The new Hula series of spreading begonia creates a blanket of flower color.
Beyond Fall Mums
Virginia Brubaker
Finishing a good crop of ornamental cabbage and kale.
CAST Highlights, Part 2
Chris Beytes, Bill Calkins, Jennifer Zurko, Paul Pilon & Osvaldo Cuevas
In part two of our extended California Spring Trials coverage, we highlight the perennials and shrubs that caught our eye.
Minimizing Risk
Paul Pilon
Tips for overwintering perennials.
Plug & Cutting Conference Sneak Peek, Part 3
Jennifer Zurko & Kerstin Poehlmann
We’re previewing what you’ll be doing and learning about during this fall conference. For this last one, the connection-building trade show.
Poinsettia Heat Delay
Paul Millar & James E. Faust
Part 2 of this series discusses circadian rhythms and poinsettia sensitivity to high temperatures.
What’s in Your Bark-Based Growing Media?
JoAnn Peery
Correctly composted bark makes an excellent growing medium component, but without proper management of the composting process it can result in poor quality product.
Growers Talk Business
Squeeze & Wiggle
Art Parkerson
Business will always be a game of squeeze, and the winners are those who can push back at the rock and the hard place just enough to give themselves room to wiggle.
Growers Talk Production
The Summertime Sales Doldrums
Austin Bryant
Many nurseries expected a huge repeat of 2021 summer sales and didn’t flinch at putting in material to match. Now with industry-wide overproduction, many are finding themselves in quite a pickle.
GT in Brief
Data From the 50-State Floriculture Crops Survey, Continued
Dr. Marvin Miller
The 2021 Floriculture Production Pie chart of finished floriculture sales for the 50 states looks a bit different than the chart based on the 2020 report of 17 states and even the chart one might draw from those same 17 states using 2021 data.
GT in Brief
Growing Technology Showcase
Chris Beytes
The most modern of greenhouse technology was once again on display in Amsterdam as the GreenTech greenhouse technology trade show returned.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Dr. Robert O. (Bob) Miller
Chris Beytes
Esteemed bulbman Dr. Bob Miller, long-time teacher, researcher, grower and all-around horticultural character, passed away at the age of 92 after a battle with bladder cancer.
GT in Brief
Meet Another Young Grower Award-Winner
Chris Beytes
In June, the International Association of Horticultural Producers’ (AIPH) Young International Grower of the Year was presented to Pablo Bazzani.
GT in Brief
Metrolina Wins the Gold Rose
Chris Beytes
Metrolina Greenhouses of Huntersville, North Carolina, is the AIPH 2022 International Grower of the Year, which was announced at International Grower of the Year Award ceremony, held during GreenTech in June.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball Seed; BioWorks; Danziger; Eason Horticultural Resources; Oasis Grower Solutions; Pleasant View Gardens; Profile Products; Vineland Research & Innovation Centre
GT in Brief
Sakata Announces Infrastructure Expansion and Relocation Plans
Jennifer Zurko
The planned relocation to the Woodland Innovation Center (WIC) will follow the second phase of an infrastructure expansion project that began in 2016.
GT in Brief
Svensson Acquires Hinova
Jennifer Zurko
Starting in June, Svensson owns Hinova including its assets.
Inside Look
The More You Know
Jennifer Zurko
The more you know, the best chance you have for producing a great product and the better prepared you’ll be to face any challenges that may arise.
JZ on D.C.
H-2B Day on the Hill a Success
Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort and several other industry groups hosted an H-2B day of action on June 8 to push for reforms to the program, most importantly visa cap relief.
Paul's Pointers
End-of-Season Wrap-up
Paul Pilon
I like to use the summer as an opportunity to review the good, the bad and the ugly from the spring growing season.
Pest Management
Managing Crapemyrtle Bark Scale in Nurseries
Juang Horng “JC” Chong
Crapemyrtles remain the major concern and target for management because CMBS appears to prefer and grow best on crapemyrtles.
Under an Acre
Establishing New Roots
Anne-Marie Hardie
Ben Lizardi, the new owner of Engle’s Farm & Greenhouse in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, understands the importance of retaining a core group of loyal employees and customers to help make the transition into new ownership seamless.
Hydrangea Game Changer
Green Fuse Botanicals Inc.
ii ri Irrigation Controller
Dramm Corporation
Miscanthus sinensis High Frequency
Emerald Coast Growers
Stadium Pots
East Jordan Plastics Inc.
Vanessa Compact Verbena
Venlo Greenhouses
DeCloet Greenhouses