GROWERTALKS - December 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 8)
Acres & Acres
Normal … Isn’t
Chris Beytes
Don’t hold your breath waiting for normal to return.
Cover Story
Breaking Barriers
Jennifer Zurko
An example to women (and men) in our industry, Maria Costa-Smith’s toughness, tenacity and passion has earned her a seat at the table that’s historically been reserved for her male counterparts.
Could You Get Hacked?
Jennifer Zurko
Some tips on how to protect your customers’ info and how one company dealt with a cyber-attack.
Fertilizing Containerized Herbs
Christopher J. Currey
The third article in the series gives tips on the best nutrition regimen for your herb program.
Filling Your Shoes
Chris Beytes
You run a successful family business and want to see it continue after you retire, but you have no children or other relatives to take over. How do you find your replacement? We asked succession-planning expert (and sixth-generation breeding company co-managing director) Matthias Redlefsen for strategies that allow you (the “senior” in his terms) to hand over the reins to the next generation (the “junior”)—even if they don’t share your last name.
Going with Plan B … and C
Jennifer Zurko
The 23rd annual Wage & Benefit Survey: When Plan A of trying to find people to fill greenhouse jobs doesn’t pan out, you’ve been forced to invest in more automation to pick up the slack.
Luring Them In
Mark E. Battersby
Affordable bait for attracting workers.
When Someone Seems a Little “Off”
Glenna Hecht
Tips on how to handle when you suspect an employee is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or other personal problems.
Growers Talk Business
Let Them Quit
Art Parkerson
It hurts when your best and brightest walk out the door.
Growers Talk Production
Wasps: A Love-Hate Relationship
Sylvia Schaap
What good are wasps anyway?
Growing With Griffin
More Than a Nuisance
Rick Yates
Proper identification of fungus gnats and shoreflies is important for control.
GT in Brief
AAS Breeder’s Cup Goes to Doug Holden
Chris Beytes
Doug was presented with All-America Selection’s Breeder’s Cup, which was presented at AAS’s annual Awards Banquet, held recently at the Louisiana State University’s Burden Botanic Garden.
GT in Brief
Bailey Acquires Oregon Bareroot Supplier Carlton Plants
Chris Beytes
A big acquisition on the nursery side of the business, as Minneapolis-based Bailey Nurseries takes over Dayton, Oregon-based Carlton Plants, a 128-year-old grower of bareroot trees, shrubs and rootstocks.
GT in Brief
Bobbi Ecker-Blatchford, Peter Moran Join Hall of Fame
Chris Beytes
Two more floriculture notables were inducted into SAF’s Floriculture Hall of Fame during the organization’s recent convention.
GT in Brief
Boxwood Blight Found at Indiana Garden Center
Matthew Chappell
It’s pretty bad news for folks in Indiana, as Purdue University and Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology announced in mid-October that container boxwoods at a number of retail outlets have tested positive for boxwood blight.
GT in Brief
International Statistics: Flowers and Plants 2018
Chris Beytes
The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and Union Fleurs—the International Flower Trade Association have combined to once again (for the 66th time, in fact) to publish an annual yearbook of the current available data on the global production and trade of ornamental plants and flowers.
GT in Brief
Laser Focus on Seed Quality
Allison Westbrook
Ball’s Seed’s Ball Vigor Index (BVI) has been around for more than 20 years, but it just got even better. How? One word: lasers.
GT in Brief
New Tesselaar Variety Comes to U.S.
Chris Beytes
Daphne Perfume Princess, the newest Tesselaar variety to come to the U.S., was called “the best new plant to come out in Australia in the last 50 years. It’s that good," by Australian garden guru Don Burke.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Eason Horticultural Resources; Mycorrhizal Applications
GT in Brief
Shinoda Foundation Awards $20,000 in Scholarships
Chris Beytes
The Shinoda Foundation has awarded 12 more scholarships to bright young horticulture students from across the country.
Inside Look
Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Woman
Jennifer Zurko
I want to be like Maria Costa-Smith when I grow up.
Paul Talks Perennials
Mid-Winter Checklist
Paul Pilon
Wintertime is a great time for reflection and to review the past, look at the present and to plan for the future.
Pest Management
Planning for a Successful Spring
Nancy Rechcigl
Ensuring your crops are protected from propagation to shipping is essential for a successful season.
SAF in the Lobby
What Do Midterm Election Results Mean for the Floral Industry?
Society of American Florists
International trade agreements, border security and healthcare will be key issues facing the 116th Congress after this week’s headline-making midterm elections.
Under an Acre
Filling a Gap
Anne-Marie Hardie
Ecobain Naturals is the brainchild of Brian and Roberta Bain who identified a significant gap in their local agricultural production—the lack of year-round, fresh produce.
Echinacea PowWow
Aris Green Leaf Plants
GrowSpan Venlo Greenhouses
Growers Supply Inc.
HandPicked Vegetables
PanAmerican Seed
How-to-Order Sun Gro Products
Sun Gro Horticulture
Sporobolus heterolepis Morning Mist
Emerald Coast Growers LLC
VPW420 with Mycorrhizae
ASB Greenworld Inc.