GROWERTALKS - May 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 1)
Acres & Acres
Can Wall Street Run a Greenhouse?
Chris Beytes
It's no wonder that we tend to be skeptical about big-money investors who occasionally buy their way into our world.
Corr on Cannabis
Sometimes Rules Change When People Change
Dr. Brian Corr
As the public changes in their perception of cannabis use, the treaties, laws and regulations related to cannabis are slowly being changed in response.
Cover Story
Getting to Know H-2A
Jennifer Zurko
For growers whose labor well has run completely dry, many have turned to H-2A as an option for an essential, reliable workforce. But as with many government programs, there’s plenty of documentation, inconsistencies and delays. Here’s what you need to know before applying for certification.
Culture Notes
Make Your Mark on Vinca Sales with New Tattoo
Birdie Lénard-Fountain
Reinvigorating this crop for a modern upgrade with design in mind was key to the breeder goals behind the new Tattoo series from PanAmerican Seed.
8 Questions, 16 Answers
Featuring Lynn Griffith & Dr. John Peterson
We asked two of our favorite horticulturists to tackle a broad range of questions—from ingredients like coir to pH and testing regimes—relating to that most important of crop inputs, potting media.
DIY or DIFM Growing Media?
Ed Bloodnick
The economics of mixing your own vs. pre-formulated media.
Jedi Mind Tricks Unnecessary
Dean Bemis
Why telling people what you want them to know doesn’t work. Part 3 of a six-part series.
Should You Switch?
Mark E. Battersby
New rules for taxing pass-through income may change your mind on the type of business entity you want to file under.
Uncorking the Bottlenecks
Gary Cortés
You can save time and labor by just knowing where your most common logjams are.
Growers Talk Business
I’ve Never Seen So Much Change in the Industry
Abe VanWingerden
Change is happening fast around us in many ways and especially in three areas that are revolutionizing this industry.
Growers Talk Production
¡No Más Verde!
Chris Fifo
I've been making a little more of an effort to work on my Spanish this spring and trying to manage some chronic areas of algae in my plug house.
Growing With Griffin
Some Like It Hot
Jeanne Svob
Ornamental peppers add a bounty of color and interesting textures to containers and landscape beds, yet they're often underutilized. How can we effectively incorporate them into our bedding and container sales?
GT in Brief
2018 Grants Announced by the Friends of Long Island Horticulture
Jennifer Zurko
The Friends of Long Island Horticulture announced the recipients of the 2018 research grants.
GT in Brief
2019 SNA Conference Announced
Jennifer Zurko
The Southern Nursery Association (SNA) has announced plans for the 2019 SNA Conference.
GT in Brief
AFE Research Pre-Proposals Due June 1
Jennifer Zurko
The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is calling for research pre-proposal applications for 2019-2020.
GT in Brief
Breeder Blair Winner to Retire
Chris Beytes
Blair Winner, who’s been breeding plants for PanAmerican Seed for 43 years, announced his retirement as of March 29.
GT in Brief
Costa Hires a CMO
Chris Beytes
Henry Gonzalez, the new Chief Marketing Officer for the company, was hired to oversee all of Costa’s marketing, research and category management teams.
GT in Brief
Gary Mangum on Bell Nursery’s Sale to Central Garden & Pet
Chris Beytes
Gary Mangum, Mike McCarthy and their financial partner Lindsay Goldberg (LG) have put the finishing touches on the sale of Bell Nursery to Central Garden & Pet, a national distributor of, well, garden and pet supplies.
GT in Brief
Genetic Tweak Cuts Plant Water Use 25%
Chris Beytes
University of Illinois researchers have found that by altering a gene inside tobacco plants they can get the plant to grow to near normal size using 25% less water.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Helmut Kientzler
Chris Beytes
Helmut Kientzler, one of the owners of the Kientzler/InnovaPlant group of companies, passed away unexpectedly on March 7. He was 68.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Berger; Rough Brothers, Inc.; Skagit Horticulture; Smithers-Oasis Company; WaterPulse
GT in Brief
Save the Date: 2018 Northeast Greenhouse Conference
Jennifer Zurko
Save the date for the Northeast Greenhouse Conference & Expo, which will be held November 7 & 8, 2018 at the Boxborough Regency Hotel in Boxborough, Massachusetts.
GT in Brief
UF Announces 2018 Greenhouse Training Online Courses
Jennifer Zurko
The first courses of the year, Greenhouse 101 and Costing & Profitability, start on June 4, 2018.
GT in Brief
What’s New for Next Season?
Chris Beytes
Ken Day and Melanie Byrne of McHutchison get the scoop on the latest varieties from German breeding company Westhoff and Christian Westhoff himself during the California Spring Trials, held April 14-18.
Inside Look
Helping Yourself
Jennifer Zurko
Many of you are trying to get in front of the labor shortage by investigating other options.
Pest Management
Whiteflies & Biotyping
Dr. Jill Calabro
The clear benefit of knowing which biotype is present is being able to better select the proper control measures.
SAF in the Lobby
FNRI Receives Historic $1 Million in Funding
Society of American Florists
The Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative (FNRI) has received $1 million in funding through the omnibus spending bill approved by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.
Under an Acre
Citrus in the Snow
Anne-Marie Hardie
Nebraska is known for its extreme temperatures, making it far from ideal for growing citrus. Yet, there's one grower who's been consistently producing oranges for the past 25 years.
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