GROWERTALKS - January 2018 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 9)
Acres & Acres
What I Learned Last Year
Chris Beytes
I’m offering up inspiration—laying out a New Year’s buffet, if you will—of ideas that you can load on your plate as you desire.
Corr on Cannabis
The Green Rush
Dr. Brian Corr
This brand-new column from an esteemed industry notable begins with the current cannabis “boom.”
Cover Story
Getting a Handle on Harassment
Glenna Hecht
The recent flood of sexual misconduct allegations in the news should give us pause to realize that our industry isn’t immune and that we should do everything we can to ensure every green professional has a safe working environment.
Culture Notes
Regional Recommendations for Lucky Lantana
Kris Carlsson, Luís Muñoz & Ryan Kenny
Tips from our trials help you produce great-looking plants.
Highlighting Hardgoods
Allison Westbrook
This month we showcase a selection of new and updated hardgoods solutions for the greenhouse. From chemicals to trays to lighting, there’s sure to be something to help with your production.
Preventing the Great Escape
Christopher Machnich
Avoiding precious heat loss doesn’t necessarily begin with your climate control system.
Signal to Grow
Ricardo Hernández, Hans Spalholz & Cristian Collado
Get more during transplant production using light signals.
Step 1: Finding Common Ground
Dean Bemis
The first step in effective salesmanship? Establishing a rapport. Part 1 of a six-part series.
The Value of Automation
Jennifer Zurko
Any size greenhouse operation can afford some type of machinery; you just have to know where your pain points are.
Turn Your Loss into a Win
Mark E. Battersby
With hurricanes, wildfires and winter storms becoming a common occurrence, it’s good to know what losses you can write off.
Growers Talk Business
Risk-Taking in Live Goods
Abe VanWingerden
Just coming off our year-end company meetings, I feel great energy for 2018, as our team reflects on 2017 and what we can do to drive additional business in 2018.
Growers Talk Production
Learned Anything New Lately?
Chris Fifo
Even after 30 years in horticulture, there are more opportunities than ever to learn new things or ways to do things better.
Growing With Griffin
Incredible, Versatile Cyclamen
Jeanne Svob
From micro to mini to intermediate to standard, there’s a cyclamen for virtually every container size—and for nearly every use.
GT in Brief
AAS Honors Rupley
Ellen C. Wells
Vicky Rupley of Harris Seeds recently had the honor of being recognized for her work in the industry by All-America Selections.
GT in Brief
AFE Announces New Officers and Appointments
Jennifer Zurko
American Floral Endowment (AFE) Chairman Dwight Larimer of Design Master color tool announced the appointments of new officers and committee chairmen.
GT in Brief
Ag Truckers Get a 90-day ELD waiver
Chris Beytes
If you truck your plant material more than 150 air miles (or 172 road miles) from your greenhouse or nursery, you should be aware that you now face new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rules that went into effect December 18.
GT in Brief
Ball’s New Down-Under Digs
Chris Beytes
You’re looking at the new home of Ball Australia, located in the town of Skye, about 30 minutes southeast of Melbourne, in Australia’s state of Victoria.
GT in Brief
BonarAgro Acquisition Finalized
Jennifer Zurko
Last July, Low & Bonar announced its intention to sell its BonarAgro business and associated production unit in Lokeren to the International Fibres Group (IFG).
GT in Brief
Costa’s Rimland Joins AIPH Board
Chris Beytes
We’re not sure when the last time was that the United States was represented on the board of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), but we’ve got one now.
GT in Brief
Griffin Sets Dates for 2018 Grower & Retailer Expos
Jennifer Zurko
Griffin has set the dates for its 2018 Grower & Retailer Expos.
GT in Brief
GrowerTalks/Green Profit’s New Websites
Chris Beytes
One must stay current in this digital age, and to that end, our crack staff has just rolled out a brand-new website for GrowerTalks, Green Profit and all of our other products—e-newsletters, videos and webinars, and the Ball RedBook.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Herman Hamer
Chris Beytes
GrowerTalks was very saddened to hear the news that Herman Hamer, former CEO of his family’s business, Florensis, passed away November 12 after a battle with cancer. He was just 60 years old.
GT in Brief
Koppert’s New Nematode Formulation
Chris Beytes
Dutch biocontrol experts Koppert Biological Systems have found a way to increase the life of its nematodes while ensuring that no visible residue is left on your crop.
GT in Brief
MSU Gets an LED Install
Chris Beytes
We count on universities to test the new products coming into horticulture, and to that end, Michigan State University will be getting some serious practical experience with LED (light-emitting diode) lighting in 11 of the teaching greenhouses at the East Lansing campus.
GT in Brief
OHP’s New Bio Insecticide
Chris Beytes
OHP announced the addition of Thuricide N/G Biological Insecticide to its portfolio of biosolutions.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball Horticultural Co.; Ball Seed; J.Berry Nursery; Pen & Petal; Pleasant View Gardens; Purple Cow Organics
GT in Brief
Spring Trials Tour Planned
Chris Beytes
Dr. Mark Bridgen of Cornell is once again organizing a bus tour of the California Spring Trials, slated for April 13-17, 2018.
Inside Look
We’re All Affected … and We Should All Care
Jennifer Zurko
We should take this opportunity to support each other and try to make sure that we’re all in a place where we can feel comfortable, but still maintain that friendliness that our industry is known for.
Pest Management
Research Says Mealybugs Can Be Managed
JC Chong
Mealybugs can be tough to manage, but it’s possible to manage them.
SAF in the Lobby
Government Begins Fining Employers for Health Insurance Non-Compliance
Society of American Florists
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun to enforce the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirement that large employers offer health insurance to their full-time employees.
Under an Acre
Fostering a Community of Growers
Anne-Marie Hardie
Approximately five minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, Antioch Urban Growers is a greenhouse operation focused on spreading the message of urban farming.
Young Voices
Hello, Real Life!
Sylvia Schaap
I’ve entered that real world. The one that can be quite a shocker for someone who’s spent years learning about plants off paper.
Clematis Vancouver Daybreak
Clearview Horticultural Products
Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf
PanAmerican Seed
Rice Hull Potting Media
PBH Nature’s Media Amendment
Savor Edibles & Fragrants
Pleasant View Gardens Inc.
smartPAR Light Sensor Module
Supernova Liners
Four Star Greenhouse Inc.