tHRIve Videos Feature Hort Research Results

Chris Beytes

The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) has created a new web-based series featuring key research findings that help horticulture businesses grow. Through this new tHRIve series, the hort industry gets to hear the results of projects funded by HRI and also through federal grants. The first tHRIve content is available NOW and includes a set of videos focusing on research supported through the Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative (FNRI) program administered by USDA-ARS, the research agency for USDA. The set of videos will feature FNRI’s “Resilient Plant Group” and includes the following:

Research on plant roots, greenhouse edibles, and reducing labor costs and pesticide applications by Dr. John Erwin, University of Maryland

Lighting and measurements to better predict plant growth and development by Dr. Jim Faust, Clemson University

Labor and automation of transplanting and guaranteeing success for home gardeners by Dr. Paul Fisher and Dr. Celina Gomez, University of Florida

Carbon, water and money by Dr. Charlie Hall, Texas A&M

Rates of rooting hormones and impacts of substrate-applied micro-drenches of plant growth regulators by Dr. Roberto Lopez and Dr. Erik Runkle, Michigan State University

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The Horticultural Research Institute’s mission is to direct, fund, promote and communicate horticultural research. The creation and launch of the tHRIve web series is another example of how HRI works to connect the industry to research-backed innovation.

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