Improving Nursery Weed Control with Herbicide Rotations and Production Practices

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern/12:00 PM Central

Weeds can be costly for nurseries—challenging product quality, time and budgets. Fortunately, new research is showing the use of herbicide rotations and production practices allow for more control with troublesome weed species.

In this free, hour-long GrowerTalks webinar, learn more about:

- Preemergence trial results with 25-plus herbicides and combinations, including traditional and recently released products
- Effective preemergence options for key troublesome weed species
- Selecting the best herbicides for your product mix and developing effective rotations
- Proven non-chemical strategies for herbicide sensitive crops

Presenters include Chris Marble, Ph.D., Assistant Professor—University of Florida, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center; and Aaron Palmateer, Ph.D., Senior Technical Services Representative for Bayer

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Grower Panel: Understanding HydraFiber Advanced Substrate

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2019

HydraFiber has quickly become a "household" word—greenhouse, that is. This education, free webinar will help you understand just what engineered fiber HydraFiber is, how it differs from other raw materials typically used in growing media, and the advantages of this unique substrate.

You’ll hear from HydraFiber growers about their experiences trialing and moving to HydraFiber. Our expert panelists are:

- Scott Barnitz of Bob’s Market in Mason, West Virginia (annuals, garden mums)
- Chad Cagle of Colorpoint, Paris, Kentucky (annuals, mums, poinseettias, hemp)
- Steve Garvey of Dallas Johnson Greenhouses, Council Bluffs, Iowa (annuals, perennials, potted plants, direct-stick)

Whether they mix their own media or buy pre-mixes, each will share their reasons for making the switch, whether it's improved root development and overall plant quality, inventory management, shelf life, efficiency or environmental benefits.

Joining in will be HydraFiber team member Daniel Norden, Senior R&D and Technical Specialist Manager for Profile Products' horticulture business, who will share more examples of how this innovative technology is helping growers build an efficient and effective media program.

As always, it will be hosted by GrowerTalks editor Chris Beytes.

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Ellepots + HydraFiber = Young Plant Success

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019

Curious about how wood fiber substrates work in the Ellepot propagation system? Then this webinar is for you!

Dr. Bill Argo has done extensive research in pH and nutritional management of container-grown crops. In this free GrowerTalks webinar, he shares his research on wood fiber substrates and offers basic guidelines for growing in the Ellepot system. Bill has worked for The Blackmore Company since 1986, providing technical services on nutritional problems in plug, liner and greenhouse production around North America, and has authored or co-authored more than 200 scientific and technical publications on these and other subjects.

Joining Bill is Daniel Norden, Senior R&D Manager and Technical Specialist Manager for Profile Products’ horticulture business, to share findings from university and grower trials where HydraFiber Advanced Substrate has been one of the substrate components. HydraFiber has been used successfully in vegetative liner production, as well as bedding plants, poinsettias, direct-stick production, shrubs and perennials.

The second in a multi-part series sponsored by HydraFiber, featuring independent research and trials by academics and growing experts, focused on helping growers build an efficient and effective media program. Hosted by Chris Beytes, editor, GrowerTalks/Green Profit and Acres Online.

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New Research: Overcoming Piercing and Sucking Insects

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019

Piercing and sucking insects can wreak havoc on ornamental crops – but new research is showing that certain innovations are delivering exceptional performance for ornamental growers. In this free, hour-long webinar, get the latest on:

· Best practices for managing hard-to-control piercing and sucking pests like aphids and scale
· Comparative trials of the best solutions available for insect control
· Proven performance of traditional solutions and neonicotinoid-alternatives like Altus insecticide

Presenters Include: Karla Addesso, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Agriculture for Tennessee State University, and Brian McCaffrey, an Ornamentals Specialist for Bayer.

A Chance to Win: All webinar participants will be entered for a chance to win* a free bottle of Altus insecticide.

*No Purchase Necessary to enter or win. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. and DC, 18 or older (or 19 for residents of AL & NE) who are who currently employed Production Ornamentals Grower Professionals. To automatically enter, visit https://www.growertalks.com/webinars/  to find and complete your registration to attend the “New Research, Overcoming Piercing and Sucking Insects Webinar” webinar scheduled for 12:00:01 PM on May 16, 2019, or hand print your complete name, address, telephone number, email address on a 3 x 5” card/paper and mail in a first-class stamped envelope to: Bayer Webinar Giveaway, ATTN: Pat Morrow, 5000 CentreGreen Way, Suite 400, Cary, NC 27513. Registration to be eligible to enter begins at 12:00:01am AM CT on March 20, 2019 and ends at or about 11:59:59 AM CT on May 16, 2019; and the Webinar begins at 12:00:01 PM on May 16, 2019and ends at 1:00:00 PM CT on May 16, 2019. Mail in entries must be postmarked by May 26, 2019. Void where prohibited, restricted, or taxed by law. Subject to official rules on Webinar registration website. Sponsor: Bayer CropScience LP, Bayer CropScience 5000 CentreGreen Way, Suite 400, Cary, NC 27513.

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These Guys Suck!

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This webinar will focus on the current management approaches and tools for aphid and whitefly management. Aphids and whiteflies are scourges of greenhouses and nurseries. Let’s get ready for these sucking pests in the upcoming production season. 

Our expert is JC Chong, an Associate Professor of Turf and Ornamentals—Entomology at Clemson University and Editor of the PestTalks e-newsletter. In this webinar, JC will:

- Provide an overview of the management approaches and tools to use against aphids and whiteflies
- Focus on biological control and alternatives to systemic insecticides
- Discuss recent research on the efficacy of new insecticides, including BASF’s newest introduction Ventigra insecticide
- How to integrate new insecticides in your rotation programs 

Hosted by Chris Beytes, editor of GrowerTalks|Green Profit and Acres Online.

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What Makes a Growing Container Automation-Friendly?

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019

As the horticultural industry struggles with labor challenges, the subject of greenhouse automation is more relevant than ever. Having the right container—one that fits the requirements and specifications of your equipment—is critical. But what makes a growing container automation friendly? And if you don’t have automated equipment, are there any manual solutions to help minimize labor costs while maximizing efficiency?

In this free GrowerTalks webinar, Chris Soltis, Director of Sales, and Mark Hembree, Marketing Product Manager for HC Companies, will walk you through the ins and outs of greenhouse and nursery containers with an eye toward automation efficiency as well as the features that can help you get more from your containers in a amanual labor setting. HC Companies is a leader in the manufacture of horticultural containers in all shapes, sizes and materials. Their brands include ITML, Dillen, Amerikan, Pro Cal and Listo.

As a bonus, all attendees can get a free sample pack of automation-friendly containers.

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HC Companies

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Making the Better Mix: Wood Fiber Research and the Benefits of Adding HydraFiber

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

As you search for materials to control costs while delivering high-quality plants, you’re hearing endless talk about wood fiber and its use as a suitable alternative to perlite, peat, pine bark and coir. How to make heads or tails of it all and decide if it’s time to transition your media program?

Dr. Glenn Fain of Auburn University has researched alternative substrates derived from wood biomass generated in southern pine forests for use in greenhouse and nursery crop production for 15 years. In this free GrowerTalks webinar, Dr. Fain discusses latest findings on wood substrates including Whole Tree research, and walks you through the evolution of wood fiber in growing media culminating in the introduction of HydraFiber Advanced Substrate.

Daniel Norden, Senior R&D Manager and Technical Specialist Manager for Profile Products’ horticulture business, joins in to talk about what sets HydraFiber apart from other growing mix components and shares examples of how this innovative technology is helping to grow better plants and better margins.

The first in a multi-part series sponsored by HydraFiber, featuring independent research and trials by academics and growing experts, is focused on helping growers build an efficient and effective media program.

Hosted by Chris Beytes, editor, GrowerTalks/Green Profit andAcres Online.

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Profile Products

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Perennial Production Pitfalls

Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Perennials may still be a trendy crop category, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to grow or don’t come with their own set of challenges. This webinar will focus on the common diseases and other issues that can crop up in your perennial production.

Laura Robles, Trials Manager for well-known perennial producer Walters Gardens, will give you an overview of the common production problems perennials face, and provide some practical, proven solutions. She’ll look at methods for preventing, diagnosing and controlling diseases, and give you tips on avoiding them in the first place. This is a must-attend webinar for anyone growing perennials, whether expert or newbie.

Hosted by Chris Beytes, editor, GrowerTalks/Green Profit and Acres Online.

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Walters Gardens

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5 Trending Marketing Tips for IGCs

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What better way to start off the Spring 2019 season than with some of the hottest new retail trends and marketing ideas!

As Regional Account Managers for Proven Winners, Jessica DeGraaf and Meghan Owens spend much of their time traveling across North America visiting and talking with the managers of independent garden centers. Come and spend an hour traveling virtually with them to see what other successful retailers are doing to draw in and motivate their customers to buy.

In this free, one-hour webinar, you’ll enjoy some trendspotting, see what’s new for 2019 and find new tools you can use to move the needle on sales for the coming year.

Hosted by Jennifer Polanz, Managing Editor, Green Profit; and Ellen Wells, Editor-at-Large, Green Profit, and Editor of the buZZ! newsletter.

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Proven Winners

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Tools to Bring Back Impatiens

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Impatiens downy mildew (IDM) is a devastating disease that has impacted production and the successful use of impatiens in the landscape. Today, we have the tools to bring impatiens back. Learn more about the current status of IDM with special info about new Imara XDR impatiens and plant protection tools to “take back the shade.”

Featuring Nancy Rechcigl, technical services manager for ornamentals at Syngenta, and Jamie Gibson, technical representative at Syngenta Flowers.

Hosted by Chris Beytes, editor, GrowerTalks/Green Profit and Acres Online.

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