California Trials
California TrialsCalifornia Trials 2022: March 30 – April 3, 2022

The California Trials are back to their regularly scheduled program during early spring instead of summer. Although the move to June in 2021 was a sort of “experiment” to see how the timeframe worked for the hosts and attendees, it ended up being fortuitous—CAST wouldn’t have been able to be held if it was still in March because of this ever-lingering pandemic.

Please note that not all of the stops are open the entire time of the event, so pay attention when referring to the stops listing in “The Trials Stops” button above. Also, there are three new locations this year, so be aware of that, too, when planning out your trip.

The Bobbleheads—Chris Beytes, Bill Calkins and Jen Zurko — will be at every stop to give you all of the highlights via our Acres of Buzz newsletter, on our GrowerTalks YouTube channel and on social media.

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