California Trials
California TrialsSUMMER TRIALS 2021: JUNE 23-27, 2021

The event is still happening, but there are some companies that have decided to forgo California Trials this year. And some have partnered up to exhibit at the same stop, so there are only about eight total sites; in the past, there were 16 or so stops.

Many of the regular California Trials participants still plan on being part of the event, however, all of the sites will be operating by appointment only and will only be open if allowed by local ordinances, so you’ll need to make your reservation with each site individually. Please note that walk-ins are discouraged and any attendee who arrives without an appointment may be asked to wait if the designated group size is at maximum capacity.

The event is still slated for Wednesday, June 23 through Sunday, June 27, but some breeders may extend dates for private appointments on either end. Again, this is why making appointments is vital.

Tap on “The Trials Stops” button above to get all of the trials site information.

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