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GROWERTALKS - February 2024 Issue (Vol. 87 No. 10)
Acres & Acres
What, Me Worry?
Chris Beytes
What if worriers put their powerful imaginations to work by taking each negative thought that comes to mind and finding a way to counter it?
Cover Story
Setting the Trap
Dr. Sarah Jandricic
Using “trap plants” as a tool against Thrips parvispinus in tropicals.
Culture Notes
The Original Punk Rock Petunia
Bart Hayes
In a world where star patterns and picotees were the only unique flower patterns petunias had to offer, Westhoff introduced the Crazytunia line of petunias and changed the way they were perceived moving forward.
A Sticky Subject
Leanne Pundt, Rosa E. Raudales & Carla Caballero
Tips for using sticky cards to promptly detect pest outbreaks and enhance pest management in greenhouses.
Get Familiar With In-house Disease Testing
Nick Flax
A critical part of disease management is proper identification of the causal agent, and failing to correctly ID pathogens when early symptoms first appear frequently leads to increased losses. Recent improvements in diagnostic tools allow you to do preliminary testing quickly before engaging a lab.
Using Biocontrol Agents for Disease Control
A.R. Chase
There are some guidelines that you need to know to make the most successful use of BCAs for disease control.
What Does “Compatibility” Mean?
Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
The effect of pesticides on biological control agents.
What’s Up With IDM?
Jennifer Zurko
We checked in with a few folks to see where things are since the disease presented itself 10 years ago.
Growers Talk Business
Embracing the Future Innovations Transforming Home Gardens
Amy Morris
In a world where technology continues to push the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible, the realm of home gardening is undergoing a revolution straight out of a science fiction novel.
Growers Talk Production
Large Muscle Movement
Albert Grimm
A degree of plant-watcher’s paranoia may be an essential element for success in our jobs, but it creates a constant state of hyper-anxiety, which causes many of us to suffer.
GT in Brief
Costa Acquires Virginia’s Battlefield Farms
Chris Beytes
In the first big horticulture deal of the new year, Costa Farms of Miami, Florida, has announced the purchase of Battlefield Farms of Rapidan, Virginia.
GT in Brief
Happy 100th to Ernest Danziger!
Chris Beytes
Mr. Danziger reached the century mark on November 16, as the company he and his wife, Zehava, founded celebrated its 70th anniversary.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Jonathan “Papa Jon” Huntington
Chris Beytes
Jonathan Huntington, founder of Pleasant View Gardens of Loudon, New Hampshire, passed away peacefully at home on Friday, December 8. He was 95.
GT in Brief
Kurt Dramm Inducted Into Green Industry Hall of Fame
Chris Beytes
Congratulations to the Dramm family, who in November celebrated the recognition of their late patriarch, Kurt Dramm, who was posthumously honored with induction into the Green Industry Hall of Fame.
GT in Brief
Lori Wheat Named SAF’s President Elect
Jennifer Zurko
Lori Wheat, AAF, CFO and marketing director of Lafayette Florist, Gift Shop & Garden Center in Lafayette, Colorado, will serve as the Society of American Florists’ (SAF) president-elect beginning in August 2024.
GT in Brief
Metrolina Greenhouses Receives GlobalG.A.P. Certification
Jennifer Zurko
Metrolina Greenhouses announced in December that it is the first ornamentals producer in the U.S. to become GlobalG.A.P. Certified.
GT in Brief
On the Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball Horticultural Company; Benary North America; Canavo's Perennials, Inc.; Dümmen Orange; Eason Horticultural Services; Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association; PanAmerican Seed; Stuppy Greenhouse, Inc.; T.O. Plastics
GT in Brief
TPIE Back to Its (New) Old Home
Chris Beytes
The annual Tropical Plant International Expo, held January 17-19 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was back in its long-time home, the Broward County Convention Center, after a two-year visit across the state in Tampa.
Guest Column
Chasing the Dark Hibiscus
Lowell Halvorson
A couple of decades ago, the leading hibiscus material came from the Fleming brothers in Oklahoma. Since then, multiple breeders have been working on hardy dark-leafed varieties.
Guest Column
Riding the Sales Roller Coaster
Rayne Gibson
In the world of sales, the ability to adapt to various scenarios and handle negative experiences with finesse can often be the defining factor between success and mediocrity.
Inside Look
Don’t Advance Into Autopilot
Jennifer Zurko
Once you get used to doing the same thing all the time, after a while it just becomes second nature.
JZ on D.C.
Republican Majority Shrinking
Jennifer Zurko
House Republicans only have a two-vote majority, shrining to 219-213 in the House of Representatives.
Paul's Pointers
Starting Strong in 2024
Paul Pilon
A good grower can often overcome adversity, however, when growing great plants, it’s usually most important to have a strong start.
Web Exclusive
Benchmarking Your Production & Sales
Dr. Marvin Miller
A look at the USDA Floriculture Crops Summary and how it can be used to guide your business.
Buddleia Chrysalis
Ball Seed
Duchess of Cornwall
Donahues Clematis Specialists
Heliopsis Oriole Variegata
Must Have Perennials
Koppert US
LM-ORG LM-18 Organic Germination Mix
Lambert Peat Moss
SePRO Corporation