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GROWERTALKS - May 2023 Issue (Vol. 87 No. 1)
Acres & Acres
“Why Bet on Disaster?”
Chris Beytes
Growers of 40 years ago faced the same sorts of economic challenges as you—worse, even—and they came through it.
Cover Story
New Holiday Must-haves
Jennifer Zurko
The newest poinsettia varieties for the 2023 season and beyond.
Culture Notes
Poinsettia Propagation
Gary Vollmer
Key steps to growing poinsettias successfully.
Giving Points a Little Pep
Jennifer Zurko
A few interesting approaches to give poinsettias a little boost.
Just a Pinch
Patrick Youds & Christopher J. Currey
Fine-tuning tabletop poinsettia schedules.
Poinsettia Fertilization Tricks
Lynn Griffith
Some handy tips to keep your crop in tip-top form.
Growers Talk Business
Planning for 2024
Stan Vander Waal
While we’re in season is the perfect time to seek opportunities where you might grow your business or do better in what you’re already doing.
Growers Talk Production
Data-Driven: Empower Your Plants
Stephanie Saccomano
The basic idea is that plants need to be in balance with their environment, and if any one factor is out of sorts, performance will decline.
GT in Brief
Breeder Showcase at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Matthew Chappell
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden horticultural staff and volunteers have conducted plant trials throughout the gardens in the zoo for years.
GT in Brief
EPA Proposes Stricter WPS Revisions
Chris Beytes
In February, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposed rule change to the pesticide Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) requirements of its Agricultural Worker Protection Standards (WPS).
GT in Brief
Flower Fare
Jennifer Zurko
We got a chance to pay a visit to Forget Me Not Farms in early April to chat with Lindsay Daschner in person (and give Tater lots of head pats).
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball Horticultural Co.; Certified Roses; Dramm; Ridder; Suntory Flowers; Syngenta
GT in Brief
PPA National Symposium Set for Canada
Matthew Chappell
The 2023 Perennial Plant Association (PPA) National Symposium will take place this year in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
Guest Column
Decoding the E3 Petunia
Lowell Halvorson
You might know the E3 Easy Wave Petunia as “the early one,” however, earliness isn’t the key part of this series.
Guest Column
Innovation in All We Do
Marvin N. Miller
Our industry’s life-changing discoveries have been much more about transitioning how we operate.
Inside Look
You Learn Something New Every Day
Jennifer Zurko
Apparently, all these years of walking into bays full of poinsettias I was surrounded by involucres and never knew it.
JZ on D.C.
Highlights From SAF's 43rd Annual Congressional Action Days
Jennifer Zurko
On March 21, growers, wholesalers, retail florists and others with ties to the industry met with 70 congressional offices in Washington, D.C. during the Society of American Florists 43rd annual Congressional Action Days.
Pest Management
Eretmocerus eremicus: Parasitoid of Whiteflies
Raymond A. Cloyd
Eretmocerus eremicus is widely used by greenhouse producers in the U.S. and Canada to manage whitefly populations on ornamental and vegetable crops.
Pest Management
Whitefly Management Using Banker Plant Systems
Muhammad Z. Ahmed, Cindy McKenzie & Lance S. Osborne
Whitefly natural enemies have been considered relatively promising for biological control, but establishing natural enemies has been the most challenging part of implementing successful biological control programs.
BioCeres EC
BioSafe Systems LLC
Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Joy
HilverdaFlorist BV
Optimal Growing Medium
Jiffy Group
Steam-Flo Zone Control
Sioux Corporation
The Canadian Greenhouse Growers’ Directory & Buyers’ Guide
Flowers Canada Growers