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GROWERTALKS - March 2023 Issue (Vol. 86 No. 11)
Acres & Acres
Early Signs of Spring
Chris Beytes
It’s not too early to ask a few of my southern grower friends if there are any signs that Spring 2023 will be a good one. Or, conversely, a bad one.
Cover Story
Trade Show Attractions
Chris Beytes, Matthew Chappell & Jennifer Zurko
Highlights of new products from the winter shows.
Culture Notes
Fillers for Premium Combos
Jamie Gibson, Ph.D. & Alicain Carlson, Ph.D.
Young plant protocols for effectively incorporating filler plants.
Culture Notes
Save Time for Quick Turns
Bin Liu
Sow, grow and ship these seed products in 10 weeks or less.
Payroll 2023 Style
Mark E. Battersby
Solutions for potentially troublesome payroll problems.
Using Multiple PGRs: What You Need to Know
Kerstin Poehlmann
Secrets for finding the sweet spot of precision growth control.
Wholesale to Retail
Katie Elzer-Peters
Pros, pitfalls and pointers for success.
Growers Talk Business
Timing is Everything
Terri McEnaney
Timing of transition can be impacted by things outside our control, yet knowing where you want to head and what you want to leave behind can be more intentional if you’ve given it some thought and preparation.
Growers Talk Production
My Way
Michael DeBerti
Doing my own combo designs allows me to reach out to all the available genetics that’s offered to the grower.
GT in Brief
Danziger Introduces New Foliage Program
Jennifer Zurko
Danziger has created a new standard of foliage production to bring reliable plant material and consistent availability to growers across North America.
GT in Brief
IGOTY Award Winners
Chris Beytes
This year’s Internation-al Grower of the Year is ... Brookdale Treeland Nurseries (BTN) of Canada!
GT in Brief
New Funding for Plant Protection Secured
Jennifer Zurko
The 2023 funding allocations for Plant Protection Act’s Section 7721 (PPA 7721) were recently announced.
GT in Brief
SePRO Hires New Technical Development Manager
Jennifer Zurko
And it’s none other than our friend and editor of our PestTalks newsletter JC Chong!
GT in Brief
Worth the Weight
Jennifer Zurko
The sun was trying to peek out over the outdoor fields of Qualitree Propagators in Rosedale, British Columbia, Canada, which faces the cloud-covered Mount Cheam.
Guest Column
The Pansy Toolboxes
Lowell Halvorson
Pansy brands overlap in many areas, but they also have their differences, shaped by the collision of highly global breeding and highly local growing.
Inside Look
Always Positively Optimistic
Jennifer Zurko
Aren’t hort industry folks always optimistic?
JZ on D.C.
Southern Border Visit Leads to Some Action
Jennifer Zurko
In early January, President Biden traveled to El Paso, Texas, to assess enforcement operations at the border.
Pest Management
Thrips Management Using Banker Plant Systems
Erich N. Schoeller, Cindy McKenzie, Muhammad Z. Ahmed & Lance S. Osborne
Historical thrips management has relied heavily on chemical pesticide use, however, there’s an increased need for alternative eco-friendly management solutions.
Ball Culture Guide
Ball Publishing
BotaniGard 22WP
Certis Biologicals
Caliburst Yellow
PanAmerican Seed
DoubleShot Snapdragon Orange Bicolor
All-America Selections
Giant Peach Sunrise
Suntory Flowers
Zephyr Greenhouse