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GROWERTALKS - December 2022 Issue (Vol. 86 No. 8)
Acres & Acres
Table Stakes
Chris Beytes
In today’s market, having innovative products, in stock with good people to sell them, is table stakes.
Cover Story
A Successful Succession Story
Jennifer Zurko
Learning the lessons from a previous transition experience, Kube-Pak proves there’s a right way to pass along a family business.
Dianthus Explained, Part 2
Dr. Will Healy
The second part of our series dives into production best practices for dianthus.
Increase Sales With B2B Email Marketing
Katie Elzer-Peters
How do you get going and keep growing with B2B email marketing? Here’s what to do.
Interns Offer Fresh Perspectives—and Potential Hires
Julie Martens Forney
Imagine if you could do something to help build the industry workforce—would you do it? The American Floral Endowment sponsors internship programs that match motivated horticulture students with host businesses. Students bring top-shelf talent that could fill your company’s labor needs one day.
Managing Your Greenhouse Staff
Jerry Gorchels
Now is a good time to start thinking about next spring—what went right, what could be made better and what really needs attention. These are all factors in managing your greenhouse.
Visa Program Primer
Shawn Packer
Five things to think about before you apply for foreign workers.
Wages: Onward & Upward
Compiled by Jennifer Zurko, Chris Beytes & Paul Black
In our 27th annual Wage & Benefit Survey, we find that compensation continues to increase, especially in the positions that are vital to running a greenhouse business.
Year-End Checklist
Mark E. Battersby
Planning now for tax savings later.
Growers Talk Business
Get Your Hopes Up
Art Parkerson
Hiring is a numbers game. You have to work through a lot of duds to find a few who are truly great.
Growers Talk Production
A New Era in Holiday Houseplants
Austin Bryant
I have hope that plant sales will rebound from a slow third quarter as a personal, shippable gift item and become an annual holiday item.
GT in Brief
At the Global Produce & Floral Show
Chris Beytes
Supermarket produce, and floral suppliers and buyers were excited to gather in Orlando in October for the first annual Global Produce & Floral Show.
GT in Brief
Certis Now Sells BotaniGard & Mycotrol Directly
JC Chong
Certis Biologicals, a major manufacturer of biopesticides, now sells some of its products directly through its distribution channels.
GT in Brief
Express Seed Licensing Syngenta’s Poinsettia Line
Jennifer Zurko
Express Seed announced that they were now the exclusive global licensee of all of Syngenta’s poinsettia products.
GT in Brief
HRI Leadership Class Named
Chris Beytes
If the inaugural class of the HRI (Horticultural Research Institute) Leadership Academy is any indication, the future of our industry is in good hands.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Kristian Madsen
Chris Beytes
The Danish greenhouse industry lost one of its beloved members earlier this month when Kristian Madsen, second-generation owner of Gartneriet PKM in Odense, died of pneumonia at age 70.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Arborjet/Ecologel; Ball Seed; Dosatron Solutions LLC; Dramm; OHP, Inc.; Profile Products
Guest Column
Selecting the Best of the Bunch
Glenna Hecht
Do you select the employee who’s “ripe for the role” or the person who’s very green and needs time to develop?
Inside Look
Don’t Be Like Logan Roy
Jennifer Zurko
There’s a moral to the show "Succession" for owners who are looking to pass down the business to their children: don’t be like Logan Roy.
JZ on D.C.
H-2A Changes Ahead
Jennifer Zurko
The Department of Labor (DOL) has finalized updated regulations for the H-2A visa program for temporary agricultural workers, capping off a process that started in 2019.
Paul's Pointers
Between Seasons
Paul Pilon
There are several areas I work on each fall during this transitional time of the year to prepare for overwintering and next year’s production.
Pest Management
Root Aphids a Growing Problem
Stanton Gill & Brian Kunkel
Rice root aphids are a growing problem in greenhouses, native and non-native herbaceous plant nurseries, and field hemp and medical marijuana growing operations.
Debug Turbo and Debug Trés
Mycorrhizal Applications
Mycotrol ESO
Certis Biologicals
Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse
GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures
Spreading Begonia Hula Red
PanAmerican Seed
UpTake PRO
Pace 49 Inc.
Waxflower Moonlight Delight
Helix Australia