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GROWERTALKS - February 2022 Issue (Vol. 85 No. 10)
Acres & Acres
Dance Floors & Balconies
Chris Beytes
A smart leader or manager is not only involved in the day-to-day details; he or she also takes time to get up above the fray for the 50,000-ft. view.
Cover Story
IPM From Above
Stanton Gill
Using spray drones to apply low-risk pesticides to greenhouse chrysanthemum crops.
A Constant Scourge
Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
A refresher on fungus gnat damage and control.
Branded vs. Generic
A.R. Chase
Can you substitute post-patent fungicides for the brand names you’ve known and trusted for years?
Copper: It’s Not Just for Bacteria
A.R. Chase
One of the first tools developed to control diseases can be used for other greenhouse tasks, too.
Pay Attention to Your Pesticide
Carlos E. Bográn, Ph.D.
Distinguishing between phytotoxicity and disease.
Stick & Die: How to Avoid It
Bill Calkins
How to effectively hold and handle unrooted cuttings to avoid losses and optimize young plant production.
Growers Talk Business
Where Did All the Labor Go?
Amy Morris
More immigration would fill more vacancies, stimulate our economy and lead use back to a new normal way of life.
Growers Talk Production
There Are No Shortcuts to Plant Wellness
Albert Grimm
Shortcuts in growing may be convenient, but they don’t serve the wellness of our plants any more than our cholesterol pills and blood pressure medications fix the damage created by our unbalanced lifestyles.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Bob Briggs
Chris Beytes
It’s rare to find the passing of a horticulturist making front-page news, but the passing of Colorado native Bob Briggs, owner of Briggs Garden Center & Greenhouse from 1961 to 1979 and executive vice president of the Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association for 17 years, was noteworthy because of his wide-ranging public service.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Glenn Goldsmith
Chris Beytes
Glenn Goldsmith, iconic plant breeder and founder of Goldsmith Seeds, passed away December 18 in Hawaii, where he had resided for many years. He was 93.
GT in Brief
Meet the International Fresh Produce Association
Chris Beytes
The new year marks the launch of a new produce and floral association, the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA), which calls itself “the largest and most diverse international association serving the entire fresh produce and floral supply chains.”
GT in Brief
Signify Buys Fluence
Chris Beytes
Signify (formerly Philips) made the announcement December 20 that it has entered into an agreement with OSRAM to buy Fluence.
GT in Brief
Skagit Horticulture Adds Brindabella Roses
Jennifer Zurko
???Suntory Flowers has licensed rose and perennial grower Skagit Horticulture of Mount Vernon, Washington, to produce Brindabella Roses.
GT in Brief
The Botrytis Merry-Go-Round
Jennifer Zurko & Bill Calkins
If you ask Ball’s Tech On Demand team what they’re seeing in greenhouses most often, there’s one answer—Botrytis.
Inside Look
Balancing Tech and Life
Jennifer Zurko
How do you know your level of tech savviness?
JZ on D.C.
AmericanHort Meets With Agriculture Secretary
Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort was part of a select group joining an agriculture roundtable discussion with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in Columbus, Ohio, on December 10. Brown is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.
Paul's Pointers
Going Gray?
Paul Pilon
Like its common name gray mold implies, Botrytis is most commonly identified by the fuzzy gray or brown spore masses on infected plant parts.
Under an Acre
The Wonders of Locally Grown
Anne-Marie Hardie
Allison Shannon’s original vision didn’t include horticulture, but it’s a path that has seamlessly brought together her love of plants and her desire to provide a space where she could share her knowledge and passion with her local community.
1-qt. Square Pot
T.O. Plastics
2022 Thrive & Flourish Catalog
Ball Landscape
4-Head Label Gator System
Label Gator Brand
Lambert Peat Moss
Pennisetum Prairie Winds Lemon Squeeze
Walters Gardens Inc.
Tekla Evipo069
Donahues Clematis Specialists