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GROWERTALKS - June 2021 Issue (Vol. 85 No. 2)
Acres & Acres
“Keep Your Powder Dry”
Chris Beytes
If you’ve been fortunate enough to have an excellent and profitable spring or two, and you’ve got some extra powder in the bank, now is the time to evaluate where to best put it.
Cover Story
Smart Technology in the Greenhouse
Jeff Woolsey
How today’s everyday tech is being used to make your production more efficient and information-driven.
Culture Notes
Simple Things Growers Miss That Affect Plant Quality
Mike Fernandez
Here are a few reminders of simple things new and experienced growers alike can use to increase plant quality, efficiencies and profits.
A Study on Heat Delay
Corrina Vuillequez, Zachary Ray & Maryanna Dose
A university research project looks at which poinsettias are better suited for warmer climates.
Do You Have the Electricity for LEDs?
Trevor Burns
If you’re switching over to LEDs for young plant production, part of your checklist should include determining whether you have the electrical capacity to run them properly.
Predicting the Future
Alex Fermon
The value of fully integrated control systems in the greenhouse.
Survive & Thrive
Jennifer Zurko
This year’s GrowerTalks/The HC Companies Young Grower Award finalists discuss how their operations are handling the influx of demand while dealing with the same old challenges that every growing business faces every year.
The Best Bract Conditions
Griffin GGSPro
Tips for end-of-season poinsettia success.
The New Redbooks Are Here!
Chris Beytes
The 19th edition of the Ball RedBook, launching in early June from Ball Publishing, is the biggest and best yet!
Growers Talk Business
Heimos Is My Name and Flowers Are My Game
Amy Morris
Norwin Heimos was a hard-working, self-made man who accomplished so much in his lifetime from humble beginnings. I would like to share some of his accomplishments many people didn’t know about him.
Growers Talk Production
Growth Factors
Albert Grimm
Before we can successfully change the growth of plants, we need to understand how each species of plant has adapted to their natural habitat.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort Welcomes New Board Members & Officers for 2021-2022
Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort announced the election of three new members to the board of directors, along with the election of a new slate of officers.
GT in Brief
BFG Expands
Chris Beytes
BFG Supply wants to make it easier for you to buy your necessary greenhouse and garden center supplies from them.
GT in Brief
Michigan Plant Tour Will Be Ready & Waiting for Visitors
Jennifer Zurko
The 18th annual Michigan Garden Plant Tour, which will run from July 26 to August 6, offers commercial growers, landscapers, public garden employees and other industry professionals the opportunity to learn about new and existing ornamental plant selections from the major breeding companies.
GT in Brief
More Turns = More Return
Jennifer Zurko
While we were at Hampshire Farms in Hampshire, Illinois, for a video project, we heard that they’d just installed LED lights in their propagation houses. Of course, we wanted to take a peek.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Dramm Corporation; Eason Horticultural Resources; Hoffman Nursery, Inc.; J. Berry
GT in Brief
Proven Winners Goes 100% Branded
Ellen C. Wells
Beginning with shipments on and after November 1, all Proven Winners annuals liners for the 2022 spring selling season will require branded containers—or will need to utilize their tag exchange program or bundled kits for hanging baskets and upright container recipes.
GT in Brief
Seed Your Future Names Next Executive Director
Jennifer Zurko
Seed Your Future announced the selection of Jazmin Albarran as its next executive director to succeed retiring founding executive director, Susan E. Yoder.
GT in Brief
Van de Wetering Enters Lease Agreement with Cannabis Company
Jennifer Zurko
Van de Wetering Greenhouses announced that it’s entered into a long-term, multi-year lease agreement with Columbia Care, Inc., a cultivator, manufacturer and provider of medical and recreational cannabis products.
Inside Look
Using Tech Smartly
Jennifer Zurko
Smart technology has also opened the door for many industries to continue to adapt and advance so they can remain successful during changing marketplace dynamics.
JZ on D.C.
A Virtual CAD
Jennifer Zurko
As we continue with what I’m calling “The Age of Zoom,” the Society of American Florists’ Congressional Action Days (CAD) was the latest event that temporarily moved to a virtual platform for its 41st event.
Paul's Pointers
Knowing the True Costs of Your Applications
Paul Pilon
In many instances, pricing can seem expensive and it may be hard to determine if you’re getting what you paid for.
Pest Management
Best Practices for Biocontrols, Part 5
John Sanderson, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans & Ronald Valentin
Release the beasts: How to release Orius, Aphidoletes and lacewings to protect your crop.
Pest Management
Pesticide Resistance Revisited
Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
Understanding the principles of resistance to preserve the efficacy and longevity of currently available pesticides will continue to provide you options in managing arthropod pest populations in your production system.
01N Series
Assured Automation
Cabrio Venlo Greenhouse
GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures
ColorBlaze Royale Pineapple Brandy Coleus
E3 Easy Wave
PanAmerican Seed
Little Hottie Panicle Hydrangea
Bailey Nurseries Inc.
Paklite Shipping System