GROWERTALKS - October 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 6)
Acres & Acres
Reliving 1968
Chris Beytes
What was happening in horticulture 50 years ago?
Cover Story
A Bit of Culture
Jennifer Zurko
10 new varieties, 10 guidelines on how to grow them.
Harvesting Rainwater
Jennifer Duffield White
Some crops can require up to 0.4 gal. of water per square foot of growing space each day. When you start talking those kinds of numbers, it’s not hard to exceed supply, especially under water restrictions and drought.
Making the Most of Your Space
Juan C. Vallejo, Paul R. Fisher & Alan W. Hodges
Don’t let your greenhouse space go to waste.
Managing Light
Christopher J. Currey
This second of six articles on containerized herb production focuses on light during production.
Mass Media
Ed Bloodnick & Troy Buechel
Choosing the right growing medium for plugs and liners.
Rules of the Shipping Game
Jennifer Zurko
A quick update on trucking regulations with AmericanHort’s Tal Coley.
Step 5: Setting the Pace of the Sales Process
Dean Bemis
Creating a sales process timeline that gets you and your customer to the destination you both desire.
The New ICE Age
Leonard J. D’Arrigo
In these days of increasing labor and immigration enforcement, you need to make sure your I-9 compliance hasn’t fallen through the cracks.
Growers Talk Business
Fifty Shades of Red
Amy Morris
In our unique industry, we’re spoiled for color choices, but how do we determine what colors are selling and worth growing?
Growers Talk Production
Biological Black Holes
Albert Grimm
Lack of observability remains one of the most serious obstacles to success for those growers who are new to biological pest control.
Growing With Griffin
Rooting Out Root Rots
Joanne Lutz
How to defeat Pythium and Phytophthora.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort Announces Landscape Operations Tour
Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort is holding the Landscape Operations Tour, a new event taking place on November 5-6 in Southwest Ohio.
GT in Brief
Another Greenhouse Part of Big ICE Raid
Chris Beytes
A hydroponic tomato operation, along with several other agricultural businesses, restaurants and a grocery store, were raided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers August 8.
GT in Brief
Color Spot Update
Chris Beytes
Two additional bits of news about the recent (late July) “purchase” of Color Spot by its lender, Wells Fargo Bank.
GT in Brief
Dinner with Friends and Flowers
Chris Beytes
Two hundred enthusiastic flower lovers dine alfresco in Wisconsin in early September, guests of Star Valley Flowers and the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour.
GT in Brief
Killing Two Meetings with One Event
Chris Beytes
All-America Selections, Perennial Plant Association and National Garden Bureau are collaborating to host the 2019 National Perennial Plant Symposium in Chicago next July.
GT in Brief
Lowe’s Closing Orchard Supply
Chris Beytes
Continuing the West Coast horticulture shakeup/shakeout started by the Color Spot bankruptcy, Lowe’s announced on Wednesday that it’s going to close the 99 locations of Orchard Supply Hardware that it bought in 2013 after Sears spun it off in 2011.
GT in Brief
OHP gets OMRI listing for Pycana Insecticide/Miticide
Chris Beytes
If you’re an organic grower looking for a new insecticide and/or miticide, OHP has you covered with Pycana, a unique combination featuring a blend of natural pyrethrins and canola oil.
GT in Brief
On the Move
Jennifer Zurko
Danziger; Emerald Coast Growers; Griffin; OHP, Inc.; Sakata Seed America; Syngenta
GT in Brief
Valent Opens Biorational Research Center
Jennifer Zurko
Valent BioSciences opened a new facility called the Biorational Research Center, located at the Lake County Innovation Park in Libertyville, Illinois.
GT in Brief
West Coast Nurseries Come Together at Farwest
Allison Westbrook
The Farwest Show, put on by the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN) this past August in Portland, featured almost 400 exhibitors and attendees from 45 states and 20 countries.
Inside Look
Technically Speaking
Jennifer Zurko
The bar is set pretty high before you’re considered to be an expert, technically adept at speaking on a certain topic articulately.
Paul Talks Perennials
Fall for Perennials
Paul Pilon
Why should fall sales be reserved for garden mums and a few other short-lived annuals?
Pest Management
Beware: High Risk of Fungicide Resistance in Botrytis
Dr. Aaron Palmateer
Studies have shown that Botrytis has significant potential to develop fungicide resistance due to its ability to undergo multiple disease cycles within a short time period.
Pest Management
Crape Myrtle Bark Scale: A New Threat in the Nursery
Steven Arthurs, Kyle Gilder & Kevin M. Heinz
Crape myrtles come in many shapes and sizes, but some now come with a new twist: a tiny insect, native to China, is now infesting these beautiful flowering trees in several southern states.
SAF in the Lobby
SAF Suggests Improvements to Floriculture Crops Summary
The Society of American Florists
Coming on the heels of a successful lobbying effort to fund the 2018 Floriculture Crops Summary, SAF has asked that the report be expanded to include more states to capture the breadth and scope of the floral industry.
Under an Acre
Falling in Love with Ferns
Anne-Marie Hardie
Known as the “Southeastern Fern Lady,” Eleanor Craig shares her passion for the diverse plants throughout her community and beyond.
Biorete Air Plus Screen Series
Broadform Fungicide
Bayer Crop Science LP
Side Rolling Bench Systems
Nexus Corporation
Sunstrong Erysimum
Suntory Mixers Combo Kits
Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Wave Plug & Play Combos
PanAmerican Seed