GROWERTALKS - September 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 5)
Acres & Acres
Then and Now
Chris Beytes
A quick look at how things in our industry have changed.
Corr on Cannabis
Continuing Education in Cannabis
Dr. Brian Corr
Traditional educational paths to learn about production of almost any other crop aren’t available for cannabis.
Cover Story
How Hard Work Pays Off
Jennifer Zurko
Evan Barrington, this year’s GrowerTalks/Dümmen Orange Young Grower Award Winner, lets his work ethic be an example of how to succeed and take advantage of opportunities.
Avoiding a Second Round
Nelson Gonzalez
Steps you can take to reduce weed pressure after an outbreak.
Back to Basics
Kimberly A. Williams, Donald J. Merhaut & Salvatore S. Mangiafico
The last article in our series focuses on the Nutrient Management Pyramid during young plant production.
Can a Specific Media Help Shorten Your Crop Time?
Jennifer Zurko
The short answer to this question is: it depends.
Do Western Flower Thrips Have a “Craving” for Vanilla?
Nathan J. Herrick & Raymond A. Cloyd
Plant-derived essential oils or extracts can serve as insect attractants to enhance adult captures when used together with whole plants or when extracts are incorporated onto trapping devices and there are anecdotal claims that vanilla extract may be an attractant to western flower thrips.
Inputs on Demand
Joachim Nachmansohn
Production or productivity, it’s always the same approach.
Root Reading
Luís Muñoz
Five steps to rooting and knowing when a rooted liner is ready for transplant.
Show Business
Chris Beytes, Jennifer Zurko, Ellen C. Wells, Jennifer Polanz & Allison Westbrook
Over several hot July days, all of the movers and shakers in the horticulture world gathered in Columbus, Ohio, to attend the show of shows: Cultivate’18. More than 650 exhibitors were showing their wares, including 135 from outside the U.S.—which made this one of the most international Cultivate shows ever! We were glad we brought our walking shoes, as there was a lot to see.
Growers Talk Business
This is Going to be “THE YEAR” …?
Abe VanWingerden
How do you forecast for “next year” if you had a bad year (or if you had a great year, for that matter)?
Growers Talk Production
Wrestling with the Labor Challenge
Heather Hydoski
How do growers create a distinct culture and mission while constrained by our tightening labor pool, seasonality and other pressures?
Growing With Griffin
When Less is More
Joanne Lutz
How to use Bonzi micro-drenches on poinsettia.
GT in Brief
“Field Day at Ball’s”
Jennifer Zurko & Chris Beytes
From well above their heads, we get a glimpse of the attendees of Ball Seed’s Customer Day & Landscape Day as they explore the Gardens at Ball to see how the newest varieties have fared so far during the Chicagoland summer.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort Announces 2018 HortScholars
Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort encourages and supports students as they aspire to a diverse array of horticulture careers. The HortScholars program aims to identify these future leaders and give them a platform to network, grow and work at Cultivate’18.
GT in Brief
AmericanHort Welcomes New Board Members
Jennifer Zurko
AmericanHort announced the election of three new members to the Board of Directors, along with the installation of a new slate of officers.
GT in Brief
BrightView Goes Public
Chris Beytes
Landscape firm BrightView went public on June 22 to the tune of about $435 million, by selling 21,300,000 shares of common stock at $22 per share.
GT in Brief
Color Spot Finds a Buyer (two, actually)
Chris Beytes
In a bankruptcy auction held July 18-20, Color Spot Nurseries got a new owner: Wells Fargo Bank … which also happened to be Color Spot’s biggest creditor.
GT in Brief
Danziger, Syngenta Join to Market Perennials
Chris Beytes
Breeders Danziger and Syngenta Flowers are going to join forces to market their respective perennial varieties to growers in the U.S. and Canada under one new brand name: ThinkPlants.
GT in Brief
Flat-rate, or Even Free Shipping, for ColorLink “Edge” Customers
Chris Beytes
It’s fascinating to see how mainstream trends impact our industry, like Amazon and its free same-day or next-day delivery. Will any plant distributor be able to offer that to growers?
GT in Brief
Lots of Water Research from Clean WateR3
Chris Beytes
Clean WateR3, the federally funded specialty crops research initiative, is focused on helping you Reduce, Remediate and Recycle your irrigation water (those are the R3).
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Ball FloraPlant/Selecta One; Eason Horticultural Resources; Fine Americas, Inc.; Michell's; Purple Cow Organics; Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.; Stuppy Greenhouse
GT in Brief
Syngenta Buys Floranova
Chris Beytes
Explaining that it will serve to enhance their presence in emerging markets, Syngenta Flowers has announced that it’s buying UK flower breeder Floranova, a respected flower and home garden vegetable seed breeder with a broad portfolio and customers in more than 50 countries.
Inside Look
Jennifer Zurko
Quiet down, boys and girls. Sit down, crisscross applesauce, and let me tell you a story …
Pest Management
Protection from Propagation to Finish
Nancy Rechcigl
In addition to disease control, some products offer plant health benefits for your crops, which is important for strong rooting and plant growth.
SAF in the Lobby
Economist Warns of Effects of Tariffs on Industry: “It’s Not Going to Be Pretty”
Society of American Florists
As heads of state—and heads of multinational companies—begin to respond to U.S.-imposed tariffs on products from China, the European Union and other countries, one economist with deep roots in the floral industry said the new duties likely will lead to higher costs in the floral industry.
Under an Acre
Reconnecting with Nature
Anne-Marie Hardie
Just outside of Winter, Wisconsin, is a garden center destination with stunning perennial display gardens that are designed and nurtured by a team of individuals that are passionate about nature and its beauty.
Blueberry Buckle
Bushel and Berry
HandPicked Vegetables
PanAmerican Seed
Rough Brothers Inc.
iUNU Inc.
Pro-Mix MP Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae
Premier Tech Horticulture
Soiree Ka-wa-i-i Catharanthus series
Suntory Flowers Ltd.