GROWERTALKS - August 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 4)
Acres & Acres
Where Plants and Tech Meet
Chris Beytes
Tech is highly popular these days and we should be capitalizing on tech to get more people interested in our world of growing and gardening.
Cover Story
Something for Your Woody Wish List
Matthew Chappell
The newest shrubs and trees coming in Spring 2019.
Culture Notes
Going Native: Echinacea Mellow Yellows
Mary Vaananen
Native to most of the eastern half of the U.S., Eastern purple coneflower is a delightful, easy-to-grow plant that’s spurred breeders‘ imaginations, resulting in the dynamic range of colors and forms currently available.
A Leader of a Different Stripe
Allison Westbrook
Even with horticulture’s shaky labor situation, one landscape operation finds a way to acquire—and keep—talented employees.
Fertilizer Refresher
Nelson Gonzalez
Best practices for applying controlled-release fertilizer when stepping up to a larger container.
Light Learning
Roberto Lopez
The third article in a four-part series focuses on what you’ll learn about supplemental and sole-source lighting in sessions at this year’s Plug & Cutting Conference.
More of the Good Stuff
Paul Pilon, Chris Beytes, Ellen C. Wells & Jennifer Zurko
Part 2 of our coverage of the California Spring Trials includes perennials, shrubs, potted plants and more.
Spinning the Herb Wheel
Christopher J. Currey & Thabisa Z. Mazur
The first article in a six-part series on containerized herb production, we focus on what to think about when selecting herb cultivars for containers
Step 4: Honoring Your Customer’s Problem
Dean Bemis
The fourth step in effective salesmanship: Give your customer’s problems and questions careful consideration before commenting. Part four of a six-part series.
Growers Talk Business
The Missing Key to Automation
Art Parkerson
Nursery growers and allied suppliers should examine ways our industry can standardize areas of production and material handling in order to increase efficiency through automation.
Growers Talk Production
Having Six Legs at a Career Fair
Sylvia Schaap
It turns out you get genuine and spontaneous questions from high schoolers when you show them a butterfly or beetle.
Growing With Griffin
Cover or Uncover?
Virginia Brubaker
How to manage temperature in outdoor perennial production.
GT in Brief
Bailey Becomes … Bailey
Chris Beytes
Bailey Nurseries is updating its corporate identity to a more modernized brand position: Bailey.
GT in Brief
Date Week/Fecha Semana—A New Mobile App
Matthew Chappell
Date Week is a new free mobile app available at that does date conversions for you.
GT in Brief
Gardens Alive! to Close Former Zelenka Location
Chris Beytes
A WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) notice submitted to the state of Michigan on May 31 stated that Indiana-based online and mail order retailer Gardens Alive! would be closing the 1,745-acre nursery in Grand Haven for good on Friday, August 3.
GT in Brief
HRI Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2018-2019
Jennifer Zurko
The Horticultural Research Institute is currently accepting applications for the upcoming school year.
GT in Brief
Kickin’ It @Cultivate’18
Chris Beytes, Jennifer Zurko, Ellen C. Wells & Jennifer Polanz
Two Cultivate’18 insiders, Mary Beth Cowardin and Stacy Buttari, enjoy the fruits of their labor as they take in the New Varieties display at the big industry trade show, held July 15-17 in Columbus, Ohio.
GT in Brief
Lambert Celebrates 90 Years
Jennifer Zurko
Lambert Peat Moss Company is celebrating its 90th anniversary of premium peat moss production.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Bailey; J.Berry Nursery; Harris Seeds; Mycorrhizal Applications
GT in Brief
Philips Lighting Has a New Name
Jennifer Polanz
The Dutch company Philips Lighting N.V. is now Signify N.V., but it will still use the Philips brand for its products.
GT in Brief
Proven Winners Delays Launch of Coral Creations
Jennifer Zurko
After running the numbers from growers and retailers across North America who are interested in carrying the new Coral Creations succulent line, Proven Winners has decided to delay the first sale of Coral Creations.
GT in Brief
Sun Gro Goes Direct
Chris Beytes
In news that may not have come up on your radar, but has the hardgoods distribution world buzzing, potting mix giant Sun Gro has decided to bypass the traditional hardgoods distribution channel and sell their drop-shipped products directly to growers.
Inside Look
Getting Comfy
Jennifer Zurko
I’m starting to get an understanding of the nuances of the businesses that grow and sell woody ornamentals.
Paul Talks Perennials
Look Out Below!
Paul Pilon
The quantity and health of the roots are directly related to the health and quality of the top growth.
Pest Management
What Happened with Ambrosia Beetles in 2018?
Stanton Gill
Two invasive ambrosia beetle species of Xyloborini beetles have become a problem for several nursery growers in the Midwest and East Coast.
SAF in the Lobby
USDA to Publish 2018 Floriculture Crops Report
Society of American Florists
A key government report that provides critical data on floral industry products will be published in 2018 after a two-year hiatus.
Under an Acre
A Little Garden Center with a Big Outreach
Anne-Marie Hardie
Founded in 1994, Ouestville Perennials was inspired by Alice d’Entremont’s passion for perennials and her need to bring the plants that she loved to her local community in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Ball Landscape
Ball Landscape
Bloomin’ Easy Bella Bianca Potentilla
Van Belle Nursery Inc.
Cherry Explosion Hydrangea
Star Roses and Plants
Roll-on Cargo Heater
Elston Manufacturing Inc.
Steam-Flo Steam Generator
Sioux Corporation
True Quart Square Pot and Tray
Landmark Plastic Corporation