GROWERTALKS - July 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 3)
Acres & Acres
The Roller Coaster Season
Chris Beytes
Would any of you get back in line and go around again?
Corr on Cannabis
“Plants is Plants”
Dr. Brian Corr
What effect is the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry having on career decisions being made by the newest generation of horticulturists?
Cover Story
The Big Get Bigger
Jennifer Zurko
Is our little industry in danger of too much consolidation where the big fish will be the only ones left?
Behind the Business: Potting Mix—It’s in the Bag!
Chris Beytes
Occasionally, GrowerTalks likes to reveal little-known details about the birth, growth or success of a well-known horticultural business. This month, ASB Greenworld, the Germany-based originator of bagged potting mix, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.
Dipping with Biopesticides
Michael Brownbridge
Our second article in a four-part series discusses an early intervention technique to enhance biocontrol success for poinsettias.
Maximize Your Weed Control
Nelson Gonzalez & Fred Hulme
Weed control is probably one of the most important challenges growers face. Keeping weeds under control depends on an organized, flawless weed management plan.
Striving for the Perfect Plant
John Dole, Ifitkhar Ahmad & Brian Whipker
PGRs do much more than control growth.
The Best of the Best (and Some of the Rest)
Chris Beytes, Ellen C. Wells & Jennifer Zurko
Part 1 of highlights from this year’s California Spring Trials, including memorable new intros, new series and more.
Growers Talk Business
Attitude Adjustment
Bill Swanekamp
The biggest benefit of this season was the attitude adjustment I made: see the positive, ignore the negative.
Growers Talk Production
Irrigation Specialists
Roger McGaughey
It’s often said that the person with the hosepipe in their hand is one of the most important employees on the nursery.
Growing With Griffin
How to Defend Against Fall Pansy Diseases
Rick Yates
Fall-flowering crops are typically started when the weather is quite warm, even hot, and therein lies the challenge from a disease-prevention standpoint.
GT in Brief
Color Spot Files Chapter 11
Chris Beytes
On Tuesday, May 29, Color Spot Holdings filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in U.S. court in Delaware.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Chuck Buster
Chris Beytes
Alpha Foliage’s Charles “Chuck” Buster passed away May 3 at the age of 78.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Greg Soles
Chris Beytes
Greg Soles of Darwin Perennials passed away unexpectedly on May 12. He was 65.
GT in Brief
Keeping Blight at Bay
Jennifer Zurko
What started as a hobby has put a Virginia nursery on the map as one of the largest boxwood suppliers on the East Coast.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Darwin Perennials/Kieft Seed; OHP, Inc.; RPC BPI Agriculture
GT in Brief
Registration Open for AAS/NGB Summer Summit
Chris Beytes
The All-America Selections/National Garden Bureau Summer Summit is slated for October 2-5 in lovely New Orleans.
Inside Look
The Risks of Business
Jennifer Zurko
To me, business is scary. And for many, hearing the words “consolidation” and “monopoly” is even scarier.
Pest Management
Protect Poinsettias from Propagation to Finish
Nancy Rechcigl
It’s important to continue monitoring for common disease and insect pests.
SAF in the Lobby
Washington Deep in Farm Bill Drama: A Detailed Look
Society of American Florists
In late May, the House rejected the Farm Bill—officially known as H.R. 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018—on a vote of 198 to 213.
Under an Acre
Designing a Balanced Lifestyle
Anne-Marie Hardie
Kim Bechle, owner and operator of the wholesale perennial nursery Still Pond Nursery in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, was bitten by the plant bug at an early age.
Young Voices
Better Than Sex
Lauren Kirchner
Beauty industry parallels in a Millennial marketplace
CS3 Greenhouse
Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing Inc.
EPM-25 Professional All-Purpose Mix
Lambert Peat Moss
MycoApply Ultrafine Endo/Ecto
Mycorrhizal Applications
Oasis Grower Solutions
Spathiphyllum Malibu
Oglesby Plants International Inc.
The Ball Seed STEM podcast series
Ball Seed