GROWERTALKS - June 2018 Issue (Vol. 82 No. 2)
Acres & Acres
They’ll Love Your Job
Chris Beytes
There are trendy, socially progressive ways to get young people interested in horticulture, but the more alluring and important attributes of our industry are the simple, practical ones.
Cover Story
The Neighbors Are Complaining
Jennifer Zurko
As more ornamentals growers are getting into the business of controlled environment agriculture, they’re starting to deal with a brand-new issue: “light pollution” complaints from the locals.
A Taste of Water Quality
Rosa Raudales
The first in a four-part series that gives you a sneak peek on what will be covered at this year’s Plug & Cutting Conference.
Afraid of Your Shadows?
A.J. Both & Tim Shelford
Understanding the differences in light can help you better manage it during production.
Curtainus Maximus
Julie Dean
Are you taking full advantage of everything your curtain system can do for you?
Giving Love to the New and Old
Jennifer Zurko
This year's GrowerTalks/Dümmen Orange Young Grower Award finalists give us their thoughts on how growers can keep their customers excited about the bread-and-butter varieties that many consider commodities.
Precision Plant Production
Joachim Nachmansohn
A fertilizer method that pinpoints certain parts of the plant.
Which Cuts Can Cut it?
Dr. Ben A. Bergmann & Dr. John M. Dole
How North Carolina State University’s Cut Flowers and Postharvest Floriculture Program helps you choose the best ones to grow and sell.
Growers Talk Business
Lasting Thoughts
Gary Mangum
Overwhelmingly, relationships developed through the industry have contributed more to our business than anything we could possibly do ourselves.
Growers Talk Production
Happy? At Work?
Albert Grimm
The field of horticulture is one of the last bastions where freedom to create happiness is still obtainable in the workplace.
Growing With Griffin
Your Secret Decoder Ring for Fertilizer Injectors
Rick Yates
Some of us lump our fertilizer injectors in with the other technology in our lives that we try to keep at arm's length.
GT in Brief
$1 Million More for Floriculture and Nursery Research
Chris Beytes
The Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative (FNRI), a research program of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, has been funded to the tune of an additional $1 million, says the Society of American Florists, which has had the full court press on in Washington for at least two years.
GT in Brief
Monsanto/Bayer Deal Approved
Matthew Chappell
In April, the U.S. Department of Justice approved Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto, conditional upon the sale of certain assets to secure antitrust approval.
GT in Brief
New Irrigation Tool Tells if Your Water is Good Enough
Chris Beytes
To be certain your water is good enough for greenhouse or nursery use—or to test a new water source—there’s a new tool you can use that interprets water quality data and tells you if it’s suitable for irrigation.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
GT in Brief
Quick Q&A with Amazon
Jennifer Zurko
We reached out to the Seattle-based company with a handful of questions to get a sense of what their goals are for this new category.
GT in Brief
Save the Date for the 2018 California Summer Vegetable Trials
Jennifer Zurko
What’s now a yearly tradition, vegetable breeding companies dealing in the fresh market and home garden segments are hosting the Summer Vegetable Trials via Open Houses and Field Days.
GT in Brief
The HC Companies Investing in New Container Technology
Jennifer Zurko
The HC Companies announced it will invest in new manufacturing technologies aimed at improving product consistency and delivery times for the horticulture industry.
GT in Brief
Trials, Florida-Style
Chris Beytes
Sixty or so landscapers and nursery professionals, mainly from Florida, tour the flower trials at the Orange County University of Florida IFAS Extension Education Center in Orlando on May 18.
Inside Look
Bright Lights … Not Just in the City
Jennifer Zurko
Very rarely do they get complaints about the lights coming from the greenhouse and disturbing the night sky. But it’s a different story for growers of greenhouse lettuce/greens and other vegetables.
Paul Talks Perennials
Does This Rattle Your Cage?
Paul Pilon
The occurrence of TRV and other viruses can be very frustrating, but they don't have to rattle your cage.
Pest Management
Protect Your Christmas Poinsettias from Whiteflies
Steven Arthurs, Erfan Vafaie, Pete Krauter & Kevin M. Heinz
The warm and humid conditions required for rooting cuttings can provide an ideal environment for pests and diseases.
SAF in the Lobby
Farm Bill Update
The Society of American Florists
On April 12, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-TX) released his draft text of the 2018 Farm Bill.
Under an Acre
Inspiration from a Dandelion Cutting
Anne-Marie Hardie
Ed Hebbe, owner of Circle H Growers, said his love for growing started as a child when he would pick dandelions for transplanting.
Bloomin’ Easy Panther Ninebark
Van Belle Nursery Inc.
GrowSpan Series 1000 Greenhouses
Growers Supply Inc.
Large Bare Root Sempervivum
Hen and Chicks LLC
Pretty Little Interspecific Geranium
Syngenta Flowers
Greenspire Global Inc.
White Knock Out Rose
Star Roses and Plants