GROWERTALKS - February 2018 Issue (Vol. 81 No. 10)
Acres & Acres
Tradition as Weapon
Chris Beytes
Combining old with new gives you the best chance of long-term success.
Cover Story
Biomass: An Update
Jennifer Zurko
When fuel prices were at their highest in 2008, some growers invested in biomass boiler systems to help them save on costs. Now that prices have come down to a more reasonable level, is using biomass still a viable energy option?
Culture Notes
Mega-Fresh Flowers for Spring
Kris Carlsson, Luís Muñoz & Ryan Kenny
Follow these Midwest and West Coast guidelines for MegaCopa Bacopa production.
Culture Notes
Perennials: The Retail Color Bridge
Greg Soles
Look to perennials as the perfect bridge from half-off geraniums to kids’ back-to-school.
A New Look at Substrates
Paul C. Bartley III, Dr. Brian E. Jackson & Dr. Bill Fonteno
Part 1 of our two-part series explores what our media is really made of, inside and out.
A War of Numbers
Silvia Valles Ramirez & James Altland
Any single bittercress plant is easy to kill, but the millions that occur and reproduce in any given nursery are difficult to manage.
Fine-Tune Time
Kurt Becker
Optimizing your watering system so that it’s always at top performance.
Good Chemistry
Allison Westbrook
Demystifying what makes fertilizer “organic” and how to bring natural and traditional nutrition together.
Silicon & Your Fertilizer Program
Dr. Johann Buck
How to get your plants this nutrient’s powerful protection.
Growers Talk Business
Building a Brand
Gary Mangum
Always listening, always learning and a willingness to think with an open mind should be a healthy part of our brand.
Growers Talk Production
Retirement Directions
Albert Grimm
Enduring legacy cannot be created by force or by clinging to control, but by creating lasting ripples of wisdom in the fabric of the world.
Growing With Griffin
Building Strong Plants with Organic & Natural Nutrition Options
Karen Stever
Growers have been struck with a need for more choices in plant nutrition and pest control to produce chemical-free crops economically and without losses. Several manufacturers have expanded their selections of products to fill this need.
GT in Brief
California Gets Orkestra Intrinsic Fungicide
Chris Beytes
Orkestra Intrinsic fungicide from BASF, which was launched to the rest of the horticulture industry in July of 2016, is now being made available to California growers.
GT in Brief
From Holes to Whole Again
Chris Beytes
Larry Barr, owner of Island Tropical Foliage, stands proud in his Homestead, Florida, shadehouse despite the holes in the fabric.
GT in Brief
Horticulturist Named OK Farm Bureau President
Chris Beytes
Oklahoma County horticulturalist Rodd Moesel was elected president of Oklahoma Farm Bureau by voting delegates at the organization’s annual meeting November 11 in Norman, Oklahoma.
GT in Brief
In Memoriam: Tom Hermes
Jennifer Zurko
Thomas J. Hermes of Clear Lake, Minnesota, died January 5 at his home with his family by his side. He was 75.
GT in Brief
MSU Seeking Assistant Professor/Garden Director
Chris Beytes
Michigan State’s Department of Horticulture is looking to fill a faculty position: an assistant professor who will do lots of teaching (65%), plus be Director of the MSU Horticulture Gardens, and also advise undergraduate majors, supervise their internships and help build relationships with horticultural industries, among other things.
GT in Brief
New Features for WebTrack To Go
Jennifer Zurko
WebTrack, a business management system from Ball Seed, announced new features with its latest update for the WebTrack To Go mobile app.
GT in Brief
On The Move
Jennifer Zurko
Bayer; BioSafe; BioWorks; Koba; Paul Boers Manufacturing; Star Roses and Plants; Walters Gardens
GT in Brief
Register Today for the National Floriculture Forum
Jennifer Zurko
The National Floriculture Forum (NFF) is set for March 2-4 in Central Florida.
GT in Brief
Westerlay Orchids Helps Feed Fire Evacuees
Chris Beytes
Westerlay Orchids, Carpinteria, California, donated $11,000 to FOOD Share, the Ventura County food bank, to help feed folks displaced by the recent Thomas Fire.
Guest Column
Benchmarking the Industry
Debbie Hamrick
NICH seeks to develop consistent messaging and overarching goals to better access federal, state, local and other resources for the purpose of growing the industry’s impact. You can help by completing a three-minute survey.
Inside Look
Solving Problems Like MacGyver
Jennifer Zurko
During our travels to greenhouses and garden centers, one thing we see a lot is how growers and retailers get creative with finding solutions to problems.
Paul Talks Perennials
Beating the Winter Blues
Paul Pilon
Although symptoms of winter blues for plants differ from yours, you should be aware that they’re also adversely affected by the winter doldrums.
Pest Management
Azadirachtin & Neem Oil
Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd
Neem is derived from the neem tree, Azadirachta indica, but it isn’t a single substance.
SAF in the Lobby
New Year’s Deadline Brings End to Duty-Free Status of Flowers from Ecuador
Society of American Florists
Flowers entering the United States from Ecuador are now subject to import tariffs after a U.S. trade program granting duty-free status to Ecuadorian flowers expired at midnight December 31.
Under an Acre
Orchid Lady Nurtures a Growing Community
Anne-Marie Hardie
Linda Thorne’s passion for orchids motivated the move from Maryland to the unique community of Seagrove, North Carolina.
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