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What’s Behind the Changes at Dümmen Orange?

Chris Beytes

Since February, GrowerTalks has received three press releases regarding changes to licensing agreements and partnerships. In late February, Dümmen Orange and Westhoff announced the decision to discontinue their licensing agreement for the production of unrooted cuttings of Westhoff products as of the end of this season.

Then, effective March 1, Dümmen Orange announced it was divesting its ownership of anthurium producer Rijnplant of De Lier, the Netherlands, part of Dümmen Orange since 2015. Rijnplant would once again operate as an independent company.

And most recently (March 13), Dutch breeder HilverdaFlorist announced that they and Dümmen Orange had discontinued their exclusive licensing agreement for unrooted cuttings of potted dianthus, a change that goes into effect February 1, 2025.

Individually, these bits of news, none of which are earth-shaking, don’t seem to mean much. But after getting three in a row, we got to wondering if there was something connecting the three moves, something deeper or more important.

So after sending a brief email to COO Perry Wismans to see if there was more to the story, here’s his reply:

“The decision to discontinue our production license agreements with Westhoff and HilverdaFlorist aligns with our commitment to focus on selling our own breeding and other proprietary products,” he explained of the first two press releases. “We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to our customers, and part of this strategy involves seeking and supporting production relationships that complement our product portfolio. We remain committed to fostering strong partnerships within the industry and continuing to deliver innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

“The timing of the transition of production and commercial activity to Rijnplant was coincidental. This decision has been under evaluation by the company for some time, and it aligns with our strategic focus on strengthening our position as a breeder.

“Dümmen Orange remains committed to our core business strategies, which include breeding high-quality products, ensuring the best production quality of starter material from our farms and focusing on distribution in North America. These pillars are central to our mission of delivering excellence to our customers and partners.” GT

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