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Monrovia to Close Connecticut Operation

Chris Beytes

Well-known ornamental plant producer Monrovia has announced that it will be closing its Granby, Connecticut, location effective 2025. They assure customers it has nothing to do with finances and everything to do with the loss of the lease, which they’ve had since 2014. The landowner plans on installing a solar farm on the site.

Looking at their growth strategies for their three other farms—in Georgia, Oregon and California—Monrovia has decided not to move to another New England location, but to instead serve that market from those other farms. They say they’ve made organizational and site improvements that will allow that. And they'll continue to trial and test plants in cold zones to ensure their plants are appropriate for the Northeast.

“This decision is based on Monrovia’s future growth strategies and not on financial hardship,” said the press release. “In fact, 2023 was one of Monrovia’s most positive and productive years, despite cost pressures. The New England market is a strong and growing sales market for our brand. We are confident we will continue the growth we have seen in this region.”

Monrovia wants to assure customers that there will be no effect on plant availability during the phase-out of the operation. And as for staff, “Every effort will be made to transfer our craftsmen to other positions within the company. We will be offering incentives for remaining at the Connecticut facility through 2025, providing relocation assistance and supplying resources to help with future job searches.” GT

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