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New Joint Guide for IPM in New York, New England

Chris Beytes

A perk of signing up for this fall’s Northeast Greenhouse Conference & Expo (slated for November 8-9 in Manchester, New Hampshire) is the chance to pick up a copy of the new New York and New England Management Guidelines for Greenhouse Floriculture and Herbaceous Ornamentals. This publication, not yet available to order direct, is a joint venture between the New England Greenhouse Conference and Cornell University. The manual presents biological, cultural and chemical management information for insects, diseases, weeds and plant growth regulation. The guide also includes management options for outdoor production and maintenance of herbaceous perennials.

But here’s the deal! You can save on shipping and handling costs and pre-order your guide during conference registration for pick-up at the conference: it’s just $43.50 (or $61 to get both the hard copy and online access). But you must pre-order the guide by October 4 if you would like to pick it up at the conference.

The conference schedule is online at Registration is now open at 

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