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New Online Tool Helps with Dianthus, Pot Carnation Selection

Chris Beytes
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Selecta One North America has created a new web resource that helps you figure out the dianthus and pot carnations that are suited to your region and growing conditions.

Selecta’s emphasis on dianthus (and carnations, which are dianthus) comes from its new secured supply of unrooted cuttings from Selecta’s farm in Kenya. It’s the only offshore dianthus production farm approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, meaning URCs can come straight from the offshore farm to you with no quarantine and at a lower cost than from domestic producers.

Since that availability might have you considering adding vegetative dianthus to your pot, garden or perennial production programs, Selecta has launched the Dianthus & Carnations Selection Tool, along with a helpful scheduling guide for online interactive use, as well as a downloadable PDF resource.

You can go to to find these tools, along with a colorful view of the full product assortment (more than 40 varieties, they say) and a retail support showcase. GT



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