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Profile Makes Another Media Acquisition

Chris Beytes

Not content to supply just HydraFiber and coco coir (per their previous acquisition announcement a couple of weeks ago), Profile Products is now in the bonded media space with the acquisition of Quick Plug from Dümmen Orange.

Quick Plug’s various rooting and cutting substrate products are made by blending peat with organics and a foam binder, or coir, perlite and a binding agent. The result is a stabilized growing cell that's easy to stick cuttings or sow seeds in. Dümmen Orange originally acquired Quick Plug in 2017. This acquisition includes all Quick Plug products, technologies, employees and facilities in the Netherlands, Canada and the U.S.

“With the addition of Quick Plug, we are able to not only expand our offerings to current ornamental customers and the controlled environment agriculture market, but support food production to ensure food security around the world,” said Jim Tanner, CEO of Profile Products, in a press announcement. “We are excited to bring on board a like-minded team that shares our strategic vision of growth through innovative technology to deliver reliable products.”

“Initially focused on improving the propagation of tropical plants, Quick Plug has successfully grown and developed its portfolio beyond the horticultural sector,” said Hugo Noordhoek Hegt, CEO of Dümmen Orange. “With the acquisition by Profile Products, we believe that Quick Plug has found a great new home for further expansion. Dümmen Orange will continue to focus on its core activities in horticultural breeding and propagation.”

Quick Plug joins Profile’s other product lines, which includes technologies for erosion control, horticulture, specialty agriculture, sports field conditioning, and golf course construction and maintenance. GT


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