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Meet Another Young Grower Award-Winner

Chris Beytes
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In June, the International Association of Horticultural Producers’ (AIPH) Young International Grower of the Year was presented to Pablo Bazzani. Pablo (pictured in the cool shades) is General Manager of Plazoleta Flowers in Colombia, where he’s responsible for leading and supervising financial, production, sales, and logistics procedures and results. Prior to this role, he gained experience as a marketing assistant and marketing manager for Perfection Group, also in Colombia.

Jury member Leonardo Capitanio (right), who presented Pablo with the award, commented, “Pablo is a young leader in our industry who shows focus and vision to achieve great things. He works hard to develop the potential in others in his company and the wider industry. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and an outstanding ambassador for our industry.”

This award was sponsored by Jungle Talks (no relation), a Costa Rica-based horticulture communications and education firm owned by Ed Smit and his wife, Renee Snijders. AIPH and Jungle Talks wanted to promote young talent in our industry—the same reason we launched the GrowerTalks Young Grower Award 18 years ago!

Among their many projects is one called “Pro Manager Mastercourses,” which brings young (25 to 40) horticulture managers from around the world to the Netherlands to visit top businesses and meet key leaders. It was members of the 2022 Floriculture Mastercourse who were eligible for the Young International Grower of the Year title. Three finalists were named and the overall winner was chosen by a global panel of judges (including one of GrowerTalks’ Young Grower Award winners and columnists, Stephanie Berkhout!).

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