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Plug & Cutting Conference Sneak Peek

Jennifer Zurko
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This year’s Plug & Cutting Conference for growers and young plant producers will be in Denver, Colorado, September 19-21. One of the most-anticipated events from AmericanHort (besides Cultivate, of course), this conference provides the opportunity to learn best practices and strategies for plug and cutting production using new techniques and innovative technology straight from our industry’s experts.

As with all of AmericanHort’s events, there’s plenty of chances to learn something new. This year’s conference features grower-focused education from expert speakers that take a deep dive into various topics and concentrations, like production inputs, disease and insect management, risk management and even getting back to basics.

According to the folks at AmericanHort, the 2022 Plug & Cutting Conference will take “a peer-based approach to learning,” meaning that attendees will be encouraged to collaborate and interact with speakers and their fellow attendees through panel and group discussions. (You won’t just be sitting in a hotel conference room listening to someone drone on over a PowerPoint presentation.)  

Article ImageAmericanHort also felt it was important that all of the sessions addressed real-world situations that growers face on a daily basis. There are five different tracks with sessions under each based on knowledge level so you can easily choose your interest.

• Best Management Practices: A deep dive into crop-specific propagation techniques. You’ll learn tips and tricks to set you up for success with seeding, cuttings, tissue culture and more for your most popular crops.

• Production Inputs: Costs for supplies and production inputs continue to rise. Learning how to optimize these factors can save time, money and resources. Sit down with industry peers to understand the necessary inputs for growing effectively that may help you grow better plants while using less.

• Risk Management: Over the last few years, we’ve become familiar with the concept of risk in our businesses. This series of education sessions will focus on the business aspects of your operation, including pricing best practices, insurance program updates, shipping logistics, quality control and more.

D.I.G—Disease, Insect, Growth Regulators: Take a comprehensive look into planning for a variety of D.I.G.-related topics, such as biocontrols, IPM and disease management. You’ll also get updates on key industry challenges, such as the newly emerging Chili Pepper Mild Mottle Virus (CPMMoV) disease on calibrachoa. 

• Back2Basics: Whether you’re new to the business or an experienced grower, this series of educational sessions provides practical skill sets for growing effectively. We’ll go in-depth on vital skills for growers with research-based information that you can use to develop your own skills or prepare to train your team.

Also, attending the conference could qualify you for Pesticide Recertification Credits. AmericanHort is currently waiting to hear if some of the sessions will be approved for credits. Check American-Hort's website for more information.  

For more information and to register, go to GT

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