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Altman Expands Into Midwest

Chris Beytes

Altman Plants has purchased the former Mid-American Growers/ColorPoint facility in Granville, Illinois, from Red, White & Bloom (RWB), a Toronto-based cannabis company.

Ken Altman wrote in an email, “We are very delighted to acquire it. It is over 80 acres of greenhouses and warehouse buildings. It was mostly designed, built and operated by Nick Van Wingerden. Later it was operated and added onto by Art and Ken VanWingerden. In our minds, all three are geniuses in their ability to put together first-rate facilities and we want to give them props for what they have done.”

Ken went on to say that RWB were “excellent stewards” of the facility.

“It is a tremendous engine for plant production and that is what we enjoy doing. It will also put us closer to some of our markets, reduce our cost of distribution and help us to serve customers even better.

“We have products, like our succulents, that we ship nationally, and this will help for any of the stores that are closer to Illinois than our other locations. We will also be able to increase our production of young plants for internal use.”

Lastly, Canadian ornamental grower Fernlea Flowers was leasing some of the greenhouse space from RWB. Ken confirmed that and said they’d be honoring that lease. Altman will use the remainder of the space.

Ken concluded his email with this humorous weather note: “One other thing—the first time Matt and I went there it was 14 degrees outside, which is pretty much a tragedy for a couple of California guys. But inside it was extremely comfortable, which is more kudos to the builders and portends happy days for our crops to come.” GT

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