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FTD Rebrands

Chris Beytes

The venerable wire service brand FTD has rebranded for the modern era, while harkening back to its founding in 1910 as a non-profit florist cooperative. The rebranding includes a redesigned version of its iconic Mercury Man logo and updated branding across packaging, as well as a “fresh and focused” product assortment and an “elegantly modern” website that provides an “intuitive and streamlined shopping experience,” said FTD in its press release announcing the news.

Adweek magazine covered the rebranding and they quoted Annelies De Rouck, FTD’s chief creative officer, as saying, “Rebrands are typically viewed as a reinvention and it’s not often that you have such a rich story like FTD’s to work with. For us, the real challenge here was determining how to fit 111 years of history into one clear and concise brand story that would resonate with both our customers and our florists … it is not a ‘new FTD’ in the sense of us wanting to do away with the old. It’s a timeless positioning that is still 100% relevant today. It just needed to be dusted off a bit.” GT   

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