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Industry-Wide Recruitment Resources Provided by AFE

Jennifer Zurko

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) announced new customizable recruitment resources developed to help every industry segment’s local and national recruiting efforts. When used with the AFE Career Center, these templates provide floral industry members with everything they need to promote open positions and recruit broadly. This library of ready-to-use documents includes job descriptions, job advertisements, checklists, guides for internship programs, career fair materials and more to support a faster avenue for connecting with, interviewing and hiring local talent.

“With labor being one of the more pressing challenges facing the floriculture industry, AFE understands the time and effort industry members must expend when looking for additional team members,” says AFE Chairman Laura Shinall, co-owner of FreshPath Marketing. “These comprehensive resources align with the AFE Career Center and allow businesses of any size to not only advertise their open positions, but also fill their labor gaps quickly.”

An online library of these documents is accessible at and on the AFE Career Center. This library is carefully categorized by industry segment to make it even easier to navigate and find what you need—just download, personalize and share. Each segment includes quick how-to instructions for the templates.  

In addition to your local recruiting efforts, head to the AFE Career Center to expand your search with their nationwide job board. Utilize the language they’ve provided in their resources and get your job posted for thousands to see. GT    

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