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Confetti for a Good Cause

Chris Beytes

Dümmen Orange will honor the memory of the late long-time broker representative Matt Willoughby (who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year from COVID-19) by offering a special calibrachoa combination specifically chosen by his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, Samuel, Mason and Connor. Matt was a well-known and highly respected plantsman who worked for Vaughan’s Horticulture and Henry F. Michell Company prior to that.

The new Confetti Garden Bloomtastic Summer Solstice mix will feature three colors of Bloomtastic calibrachoa: Rose Quartz, Yellow and Pink Flare. These three Bloomtastic calibrachoa varieties are the most heat-tolerant calibrachoas on the market today and were a favorite of the well-known southern plantsman.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Confetti Garden Bloomtastic Summer Solstice combination will go into a college fund set up for Matt’s children.

Please contact your preferred broker representative for additional details on how to add the Confetti Garden Bloomtastic Summer Solstice combo to your lineup of gardening products. GT