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SNA’s Sidney B. Meadows Fund Awards $18,000 in Scholarships

Jennifer Zurko

The Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Fund, created in 1989 by the Southern Nursery Association (SNA), has announced the names of 12 students from nine southeastern universities chosen to receive academic scholarships this year. Seven of the awards are named scholarships honoring past industry leaders.

Scholarship recipients are determined through a competitive application process, administered by a selection committee, based on academics, determination, demonstrated interest in the horticulture industry and financial need. This year’s recipients were chosen from a very competitive group of applicants. Of the 12 students, six are graduate students and six are undergraduate.

Each award of $1,500, totaling $18,000, has been presented to the following excelling scholars:

• Ellie Chetelat, Morgan State University

• Josey Lynn Darby, Texas A&M University (Dr. James & Faye Foret Scholarship)

• Alexandria Garcia, University of Florida (Richard J. Hackney Scholarship)

• April Elizabeth Hausle, North Carolina State University

• Chi Linh Dinh Nguyen, University of Florida (Arthur A. “Buck” Jones Scholarship)

• Lauryn Elizabeth Polito, Mississippi State University (Lee C. Howell Scholarship)

• Brian Alan Schulker, North Carolina State University

• Alyssa Renee Steele, University of Maryland (Art & Millie Lancaster Scholarship)

• William C. Tolley, Western Kentucky University

• Jason Edward Watson, Texas Tech University

• Jacob Logan Winkles, University of Georgia (Robert L. VanLandingham Scholarship)

• James Douglas Zimmerman, University of Tennessee (Dr. Bryson L. James Scholarship)

With this year’s awards, the fund has awarded a total of $576,000 since the fund was established in 1989. The fund’s current assets are now more than $1,020,000. Eight named funds have been pledged to date: The Larry D. Edwards Fund, the Dr. James & Faye Foret Fund, the Richard J. “Dick” Hackney Fund, the Lee C. Howell Fund, the Dr. Bryson L. James Fund, the Arthur A. “Buck” Jones Fund, the Art & Millie Lancaster Fund, and the Robert L. VanLandingham Fund.

An application for 2022 scholarships will be available online by January 1, 2022. Those interested in receiving scholarship information or the latest fund news can subscribe to the automated information system on the fund’s website at GT

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