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OHP’s New Fungicide Chemistry

Chris Beytes

It’s always newsworthy when one of our industry’s excellent crop protection companies introduces a new product, like OHP’s new Seido fungicide, a “revolutionary” tool for prevention and early curative control of powdery mildew infections.

Why revolutionary? OHP uses that term because Seido provides both translaminar and vapor activity. Translaminar activity provides protection to both sides of the leaf, while the vapor activity enhances spray coverage to all surfaces of the plant, as well as neighboring plants.

It's also revolutionary because Seido’s active ingredient is pyriofenone, the only chemistry available in ornamentals in the FRAC Group 50, notes Dr. Carlos Bográn, OHP Senior Technical Manager. That means there’s no known resistance.

“OHP feels Seido will become a vital part of ornamental growers’ powdery mildew control programs in short order,” says Dr. Bográn. “With a four-hour REI, unique mode of action and rainfastness within 30 minutes, Seido can easily integrate into any powdery mildew control program.”

So far, OHP has found no phytoxicity issues with Seido, even on open blooms. And it’s compatible with other plant protection solutions, including conventional and biological products.

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