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Dümmen Enters the Hemp Business

Chris Beytes

Dümmen Orange, through its Quick Plug division, has entered into a sales agreement with Royale Botanicals, the hemp division of Dutch Heritage Gardens, which breeds and produces hemp young plants (clones, in cannabis/hemp parlance) for CBD extraction.

“The hemp industry needs leadership and stability,” said Aaron Van Wingerden, Dutch Heritage Gardens President. “We believe, together, that we can help steer the industry in the right direction. Our long-standing relationship with Dümmen Orange in our flower and bedding plant business makes us optimistic that things will continue evolving in this new and exciting market.”

Aaron has been growing flowers for the Colorado market since 2006, when he bought a greenhouse from his dad, Arie Van Wingerden (founder of Cherry Creek Systems, originator of the famous ECHO hanging basket system). Dutch Heritage has been very successful serving the mountain region’s grocery chains with annuals, but Aaron has long been interested in the cannabis business. To that end, he founded Royale Botanicals in 2017 to breed and produce hemp cultivars for CBD biomass extraction. Since its inception, Royale Botanicals has produced and sold over 10 million hemp clones nationwide.

“This is an incredible development for both sides, as hemp is a great plant with unlimited potential,” said Keith Cable, Dümmen Orange North America President. “We look forward to a very bright future for hemp clones with widespread use in CBD extraction. Our company’s extensive relationship with Dutch Heritage Gardens makes taking this giant step forward a natural fit.”

The press release mentioned that Dümmen Orange’s Quick Plug division will be responsible for the deal. Quick Plug North America designs and manufactures growing media products designed to reduce labor, boost root development and increase germination rates. GT

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