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Is It Too Soon to Talk Poinsettias?

Chris Beytes
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Perhaps. Then again, if you don’t get your cutting orders in soon, and if poinsettia demand goes the way demand went for spring items this winter, well, you may be growing whatever red-flowered alternatives you can find. So here’s some poinsettia news from two suppliers of the crop—which, by the way, is still the No. 1 potted crop in the U.S. in units and No. 2 in dollars (behind orchids).

Rinehart Poinsettias, you may recall, are now being produced and marketed by Danziger at their farm in Guatemala.

The “Rinehart Poinsettias by Danziger” partnership launched at the beginning of 2020, with the Israeli company licensing the North American rights to produce, distribute and market the varieties bred by former Ecke Ranch VP and COO Steve Rinehart.

For 2021, Danziger is ramping up availability of five red and two white varieties, and will be working with all the main distribution companies, Steve said via email. He added, “I was pleased to achieve the honor of Best Non-Red Poinsettia at the Plantpeddler Trials this year! One of my favorites, Jack Frost, took the honor.”

For more information on Rinehart Poinsettias by Danziger, or any of the Danziger annual or perennial varieties, visit

Selecta One has published its 2021 Poinsettia Catalog. It’s a 45-page resource filled with new products, production tips from experts and a closer look at the Selecta One supply chain network.

An especially useful feature is “Gary’s Notes” provided on each poinsettia variety in the catalog. Gary is Gary Vollmer, Product and Technical Support Manager for Selecta One, and a guy who knows more about growing great poinsettias than just about anyone. Says Gary, “We trialed extensively to cover every region, pot size and season so you can have the most successful poinsettia season yet.”

Browse it online now or download the full PDF at Or contact your sales representative, or Root & Sell dealer for more details or to request a printed copy. GT


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