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Watch Videos on At-Risk Crops

Chris Beytes
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Want to know more about growing tricky crops with inherent challenges that can be managed through good preventative strategies? Then check out our Tech on Demand series on At-Risk Crops, which you can find on Ball Seed’s YouTube channel.

Digital Editor Bill Calkins just recorded and posted four fresh ones: canna lilies, geraniums, tomatoes and hiemalis begonias. Bill’s guest technical experts are Will Healy, Nick Flax, Nathan Jahnke and Todd Cavins. These gents know their stuff when it comes to growing good plants from start to finish.

While perusing our playlist, check out the other At-Risk Crops videos, including garden mums, cabbage and kale, peppers and zinnias.

Also, Bill has recorded our latest Tech on Demand podcast, “Growing for the Pro Landscape Market” featuring Lisa Lacy and Jeff Gibson. Lisa is a portfolio manager with PanAmerican Seed, and Jeff is landscape and independent garden center business manager with Ball Horticultural Company.

Lisa, Jeff and Bill discuss how the market has changed over the years, what landscape professionals have shared about how they want product grown and delivered, the importance of trust and availability, and tips that have worked for many greenhouses. They also discuss how plant breeding and development have evolved to focus on landscape market needs and the importance of trialing new varieties to determine durability and longevity in today’s landscapes. Finally, they wrap up with everyone’s favorite topic: new varieties and products proving success with professional landscapers and designers.

Tech on Demand brought to you by GrowerTalks is available wherever you get your podcasts or at GT   

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