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Remembering “Mr. Encinitas”

Chris Beytes
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Encinitas, California, has been on the flower industry map for a long time, thanks to the Ecke family and poinsettias, plus all the other flower industry that was drawn to that portion of Southern California, especially cut flowers. Paul Ecke III sent an obituary for “Mr. Encinitas,” a.k.a. Edgar Engert, who passed away in January at the age of 84.

How did Edgar earn that title? A lifetime of dedication to the city that he called home for more than 50 years. He served on every committee and board possible, and organized Oktoberfest and the Holiday Parade. But more importantly to us, there’s a flower connection: Edgar, who emigrated from Germany in 1958, worked for Kurt Weiss Greenhouses before moving to California to get a job with the Ecke Ranch, where he worked for many years. Paul Ecke said Edgar was the “the most outgoing person I ever met.” And he added that Edgar connected the Eckes with Ludwig Kientzler and brought New Guinea impatiens to the Ranch. “He launched us into a new business—the spring crop cuttings segment.”

You can read the full newspaper story about “Mr. Encinitas” at GT  

Pictured: Mr. Encinitas (far right), with Ranch hands Dempsey Sawyer, Andy Higgins, Steve Rinehart, Lars Henricksen and Paul Ecke III.

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