Beekenkamp Takes Minority Share in Schoneveld Breeding

Chris Beytes

Two Dutch breeding, production and sales companies have joined forces, citing “joint opportunities in exchanging knowledge of innovative breeding techniques and research.” They are Beekenkamp Plants in Maasdijk and Schoneveld Breeding in Wilp, the Netherlands.

Says Peter van de Pol, owner of Schoneveld Breeding, “This collaboration creates an exchange of knowledge and joining of forces is of great added value for the entire chain.”

Adds Marc Driessen, Director of Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals, “This collaboration is primarily intended to increase the effectiveness of research and development. This step creates a beautiful hybrid.”

Pictured: (Left to right) Schoneveld breeding’s Danielle van de Pol and Peter van de Pol, and Beekenkamp Plants’ An Beekenkamp and Marc Driessen.

Both companies will continue to operate independently in the field of breeding, production and sales.

If you’re not up to speed on who these two companies are, Beekenkamp has several divisions that breed ornamental plants and vegetables, and distributes potted and bedding young plants from seed and cuttings. Begonias and chrysanthemums are two of their specialties. Schoneveld breeds, produces and sells around 200 million seeds of cyclamen, primula, ranunculus and campanula. GT