Newly Reformulated PGR from Mycorrhizal Applications

Jennifer Zurko

Mycorrhizal Applications is offering a newly reformulated ProGibb gibberellic acid Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) for the ornamental horticulture industry. ProGibb LV Plus T&O has replaced the former ProGibb T&O product, which they say has several advantages over the previous product and other industry options. The new ProGibb formulation utilizes the latest innovative PGR technology from industry leader Valent BioSciences LLC, and offers both efficiency advantages and environmental benefits.

ProGibb LV Plus T&O contains double the active ingredient concentration of the previous formulation, which maximizes shipping and storage efficiency. The updated state-of-the-art carrier solution now has no special airfreight shipping requirements or storage concerns, as it’s completely non-flammable. With low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and half the post-consumer waste, ProGibb LV Plus T&O is more environmentally sustainable as well.

This PGR promotes plant growth through cell enlargement, elongates plant and flower stems, reduces crop time, induces flowering, breaks dormancy, delays senescence and increases seed germination. ProGibb LV Plus T&O delivers a patented premium formulation, which was developed for use in specialty agriculture crops to the ornamental horticulture industry.

More information is available on the company’s website at GT