Armitage Releases Perennial Book Update

Matthew Chappell

Horticulture icon Dr. Allan Armitage’s newest edition of his perennial plant masterpiece launched in July. The fourth edition of “Herbaceous Perennial Plants: A Treatise on Their Identification, Culture, and Garden Attributes” hit the shelves in both hardback and paperback editions.

Published by Stipes Publishing, the newest edition of “Herbaceous Perennial Plants” includes dozens of new species and hundreds of new cultivars from breeders throughout the world. While Dr. Armitage’s comments on morphological characteristics provide sound scientific guidance for gardeners and horticultural fans, his testaments to plants’ “garden worthiness” add a unique, solid perspective for readers deciding which plants will perform best in their spaces.

In this fourth edition, Dr. Armitage amplifies and simplifies the many recent changes in plant nomenclature, as well as shares up-to-date analysis of the problems with invasive plants. While providing an in-depth reference book, his subtle humor concerning plants and cultivars may bring laughter to the reader. He describes the differences in gardening in the south vs. the north, plus he shares his expertise in selection, identification and propagation of perennials for the expert and the beginner. GT