GrowerTalks Launches Greenhouse Podcasts

Chris Beytes

Got time on your hands and want to slap in some earbuds? Then check out TECH ON DEMAND, brought to you by GrowerTalks. We’re proud to say it’s available on all the major podcast players—Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Podbean, Stitcher and more. Subscribe now and never miss an episode.

We have Senior Editor Bill Calkins to thank for producing these. He's the young chap behind the microphone of these interview-style podcasts, the goal of which is to help you grow your best crops ever by sharing cultural and technical information based on discussions with experts around the globe (although sometimes he’ll cover other topics in the horticulture realm, like nursery and retail, and trends and such).

The first four episodes are:

•  Holding & Delaying Greenhouse Crops with Jerry Gorschels (PanAmerican Seed), Gary Vollmer (Ball Floraplant/Selecta One) and Chris Fifo (Darwin Perennials/Kieft Seed)

•  Greenhouse Sanitation with Dr. Todd Cavins (Ball Seed Technical Services expert)

•  Poinsettia Disease Control with Aaron Palmateer (Senior Technical Rep with Bayer Ornamentals)

•  Poinsettia Insect Control with Aaron Palmateer

More episodes will come as relevant topics arise, so subscribe today and add this digital tool to your greenhouse toolbox. Listen to TECH ON DEMAND as you work, drive, exercise, water, spray or whenever you need a horticultural pick-me-up.

Look for TECH ON DEMAND, brought to you by GrowerTalks, on your favorite podcast app or find all the episodes at GT