The SNA Conference Goes Virtual

Jennifer Zurko

The Southern Nursery Association (SNA) announced that The SNA Conference will be delivered through a virtual platform in 2021. After careful consideration, the decision was made by the board of directors based on both current and projected limitations due to COVID-19.

The new format will allow broader participation, as well as a wider range of topics. The conference will offer industry professionals a dynamic and interactive experience through the 18th SNA Plant Conference and the 65th SNA Research Conference, keynote sessions and panel discussions and networking—all recorded so you can replay a session or share it with other staff. In addition, SNA will be conducting annual business as well with the 122nd Annual SNA Business Meeting.

“I am excited about the unlimited potential for our audience—and the future of the conference,” said Karen Summers, SNA Executive Vice President. “Pivoting to a virtual platform can have many benefits and allow participation from across the country—or the globe. The primary focus of the conference has been new plants and research. Going forward, we will expand the range of topics to include business-related sessions.”

Program content will feature new plants coming to market, the best practices for growing and the latest horticultural research from top researchers from across the country. And new for 2021, business-related topics will be included, as well. Dates, schedule and program details will be announced in the coming weeks. GT