Virtual Conference to Look at “Recovery from Crisis”

Chris Beytes

With some exceptions (Easter crops and cut flowers, for instance), North America’s floriculture market got off pretty well, relatively speaking, during the pandemic. In fact, many of you had your best spring in years or ever. But that’s not the case globally, where segments like cut flowers and holiday plants were hit massively hard due to widespread shutdowns of retailers and events.

That's why the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) is organizing an all-day online conference September 15 to address that very topic: called “Recovery from Crisis—the Future for Ornamentals,” the 3D virtual event will feature global horticulture industry experts providing ideas and guidance on crisis management, the cut flower industry and its supply chain, the plants and trees sector, and ways to stimulate market demand and growing out of the crisis.

Thus far, there’s a good listing of confirmed speakers from the U.S., the Netherlands, Australia and Germany, with more expected.

What’s interesting is that this won’t be a webinar. It’s a live 3D event in which you create your own avatar, and actually identify and speak with other attendees, and ask questions of the presenters just like if you were there live.

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