Darwin Goes Digital

Ellen C. Wells

Like what parent company Ball Horticultural decided to do with its California Spring Trials, Darwin Perennials is taking its annual Darwin Perennials Day and going digital with it. And rather than being just a “Day,” the annual June event will transform into a full week of digital activities.

Dubbed Darwin Digital Days, the activities they have lined up for June 15-19 promise to be as educational and informative as the in-person event. So far the lineup includes:

• Virtual tours of The Gardens at Ball

• Educational opportunities with key perennial suppliers

• Interactive keynote speakers

• Q&As with experts about the newest perennial genetics

In a press release, Darwin’s sales and marketing manager Leland Toering stated, “With the day-to-day uncertainties of live events, and with the intent to reach as many perennial industry members as we can, the Darwin Perennials team has made the decision to cancel its single-day event and reimagine it to a full lineup of digital experiences. This year’s event is shaping up to be a highly engaging campaign to bring the latest perennial information to our customers.”

For more information and to catch a peek at some of their new products for 2021, go to GT